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Johnny Sky

Next time you think of Johnny Sky, think of the man with the voice of an angel. This Dominican-American heartthrob will leave you speechless with the way he passionately sings the lyrics to Quiéreme—a song that combines the slowed down romantic feeling from traditional bachata with the upbeat and irresistible sound of more contemporary Latin music. The song is primarily sung in Spanish, but the bits of lyrics sung in English make Quiéreme appealing to fellow Latin Americans.

If you weren’t really sure what love was supposed to look like, we’re pretty sure this music video will help clarify. The Quiéreme music video features Sky singing melodiously center stage with fantastic instrumentals accompanying his dreamy voice from the background. Heaven is a green shining light, reminiscent of The Great Gatsby, and the angel is wearing a brown leather jacket along with a pair of snazzy specs.

Quiéreme will undoubtedly sweep you off your feet, just like it did with us at Latin é!

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