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Popular Dominican singer, Santaye, is convinced that perseverance and talent can take you far, and that’s exactly what she’s determine to do. She is proof that with a flash of talent and determination all things are achievable.

In 2012, Santaye was nominated for the prestigious PREMIO LO NUESTRO in the category of BEST FEMALE TROPICAL ARTIST OF THE YEAR, and also managed to grab the attention of the media in her most recent performance at the Billboard BASH. She is now preparing to take part in various festivals across the country and has recently released her hit single “IN MY HEAD”.

We had a chance to sit down with Santaye to talk about her career and latest single.

é: You just released a new single last month called IN MY HEAD. Please tell us more about your single and what it means to you?

Santaye: Thank you very very much for your support. It is a mix of sounds …definitely a new sound for bachata. It is a song produced by Lenny Santos. He is amazing….the way it came out was also. I really expect people to enjoy and like the new style.

é: You describe your music as BachataMIXX; what does that mean? Do you feel you cross over into more than one genre?

Santaye: My music is BachataMixx because it is a little bit of everything. It’s unexpected compared with what you typically hear on the radio. This is what I really enjoy about “in my head.” I can relate “in my head” with any music from the 90’s. It has a pop sound, but also has a bit of everything in there.

é: When can your fans expect your new album to release?

Santaye: I plan to release an album in November. I will do my entire album with Lenny. He is happy because he likes the way I write my songs, and I like the way he produces. Lenny and I make a good team – We’re partners. I am expecting good things…. I already finished a couple songs. We should finish in 4 or 5 months. I will have my bachata sound, romantic, electronic. I am expecting a lot of different sounds. We are going to make the best album!

é: How did it feel to be nominated last year for the Premio Lo Nuestro award as best female tropical artist?

Santaye: It was good. I was thinking let me see what happens there. I was so happy with the nomination. Getting nominated gives you hope. It was amazing. I work really hard for what I do. It is not easy; everything is really hard. I have to prove myself every time I am in the studio. I started in the garage. I work really hard for my music.

é: How do you feel your culture has affected you as an artist?

Santaye: They support me from my island like crazy. My island always has new music. They are becoming more creative, they accept younger people…my island is about music. If the music is good you don’t need anything else. Money no. Music yes. They really support me.

é: When you aren’t making beautiful music what do you like to do in your free time?

Santaye: I love to think about my future. I enjoy talking to friends. I am a creator…so I am always thinking about music. This is what I do, even when I’m sleepy. I wake up in the middle of the night….I have bears in my head. The best thing to do in your free time is to keep working.

é: What s/o would you like to give to your fans?

Santaye: Discover my new sound/style of bachata. Discover “in my head”. I am here and real. I don’t plan to go anywhere. I’m pushing myself harder and harder. In the end the love of music is most important….do your own destiny is the best I can provide. I have a new sound. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter, facebook, and instagram.

For more information you can follow Santaye on Twitter @santayemusic

By Adrienne Oliveira

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