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Sensazão is a high energy dance fitness group based in the Washington D.C. area. They offer a range of classes, which can fit into any lifestyle. Using “powerful choreography set to exciting music” they promise customers a “safe, intense, and gratifying” workout. Their secret? Read on, because we’re about to give you an inside look!

é: How was Sensazao formed? How did you all meet? Do you work as a team to create new routines or do each of you specialize in different styles of dance (samba, salsa, Cumbia, etc.)?

Jazmin and Gabriela: We met Diego at the gym. He caught our eye at a dance class, and since we already had experience in dancing with a group we left behind in Bolivia, we saw great potential in Diego. When it comes to creating new routines, we work in different ways. Sometimes we each bring a new routine on our own, or sometimes we come up with new stuff together.

é: I moved to California and so sad to miss your workouts but super excited you are streaming live! You guys have been so popular on YouTube and have been able to reach people all over the world. Can you please share more about how the live streaming works? Are you still planning to release a dvd?


Sensazão: We are in the transition period where we are showing more people what live streaming is. Which is why we first offered it for free throughout December. Now, in January, we will offer both free and paid classes. The service platform for the paid classes will be a different one, since people will have to create their accounts. The two biggest benefits for paid classes is that there will be no more ads and the video will be available for a certain period of time (considering different times zones around the world). Details and links for the paid classes will be released this week. DVDs are not our main focus right now due to music copyrights and production expenses. Plus, our time is consumed in filming and sharing more videos online. Not to mention our everyday classes at our studio.

é: What was it like working with Jordin Sparks? I remember seeing that you were one of her favorite things… Did she find you guys on YouTube? Does she still dance to your routines?

Sensazão: Working and dancing with Jordin is always a fun ride. She brings a positive attitude and fresh outlook on things, which is super refreshing. She found us via Nichet, one of our students who used to take our class in DC and who now teaches in Arizona. Jordin takes her class regularly.

é: What was the most memorable thing about going to St. Louis to do a class for children whose parents were deployed?

Sensazão: Our favorite and most memorable thing was the happiness in the faces of both the children and their parents. When we started teaching the class, they were so excited to just let go and have fun with their parents that they couldn’t stop smiling. And knowing that they both parents and children go through so much – it was a great feeling to just make them smile.

é: How were you inspired to come up with the name Sensazão?Sensazão

Sensazão: We switch the Ç for Z from the Portuguese word Sensação to make it personalized for us. But it became the idea of Sensação in Portuguese which means sensation! We are inspired by the sensation we feel every time the music makes our bodies move automatically; that’s the main thing that we need from our students, We want them to feel the music so they can dance to it and feel healthier and amazing.

é:  Last question: do you have any exciting plans for 2015?

Sensazão: Yes! We have major projects with respect to more videos, more people teaching Sensazão (certification) and more traveling. We want to spread the word of feeling better by challenging yourself.

é: Thank you so much for your time! We’re looking forward to seeing great things from you in the future!

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