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MJ² (MJ squared) is a music duo from New York formed in 2009, by members Mike and Jr., both of whom are Bronx natives descended from the Dominican Republic. On a mission to bring new style and technique to both Latin American and American music, MJ² rounded up some of the best musicians in both genres under the production of both Pedro “SP” Polanco, of Fragment Muzik, and Erwin Duran, of Maxx Music, and gave birth to their innovative Bachata sound. With singles like their YouTube sensation “Tiempo,” and their new hit single, “Soltar,” MJ² has already begun to show that their original style will be a fascinating addition to the evolving genre of Bachata and Latin Music. Entertainment publicist Carolina Pinto, for El Diario, called MJ², “Revolucionarios de la Bachata” in a recent article published this summer. Now, backed by the multi-talented team Fragment Muzik, MJ² possesses both the tools and the potential to be iconic. Do they have what it takes? You be the judge.

Download Soltar: click here

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