Tercer Cielo is one of the most popular names in the field of Latin pop Christian music. The duo is a husband and wife tandem of Juan Carlos Rodriguez and Evelyn Herrera. Tercer Cielo was originally composed of Rodriguez and Marcos Yaroide. Currently, Tercer Cielo have already been classified as international multi-platinum selling artists thanks to their chart topping singles and albums.

Roots of Tercer Cielo

As mentioned earlier, Tercer Cielo used to be an all-male duo composed of Rodriguez and Yaroide. The duo kickstarted their singing career performing in Christian events in Santo Domingo of the Dominican Republic. The tandem sang in various church events and supported a great number of local ministries. This dramatically propelled the popularity of Tercer Cielo which eventually upscaled their performances into the national stage. The first ever song produced by the duo was “Ella y el” which was composed by Rodriquez. The song was warmly welcomed by the Christian  community of their home country which became the key to more concert and even invitations. Through the help of Estribillio Music, Tercer Cielo was able to produce its first album. The duo’s En tisecured the top spot in the national Christian Radio.

In 2006, Marcos Yaroide decided to move forward with a solo career and left the group. The decision was made out of his strong desire to become a pastor. The parting of the two original members however, did not mark the end of Tercer Cielo. Instead, it opened a window of opportunity for the music entity to undergo a significant transformation. Enter Evelyn Herrera.

But before Evelyn became part of Tercer Cielo, she was already a recording solo artist. Prior to Yaroide’s parting from the duo, Evelyn and Rodriguez were already friends. The two got married in 2006 and about a year after Yaroide’s announcement of going solo, Evelyn joined her husband Rodriguez to reincarnate the duo. Their first album as a duo was Hollywood which was released in 2008. The album contained the hit songs Heroe and Cada Dia. In the following year, the career of the Latin Pop duo soared high as it was able to produce two more albums – Historia de Amor and Gente Comun, Sueños Extraordinarios.

Tercer Cielo Achievements

Tercier Cielo is a certified multi-platinum selling duo. They have already received a huge number of nomination from different award giving bodies in the music industry such as Latin Grammy, Billboard Latin Music Awards, and Premios Lo Nuestro.

The duo’s hit song No Importa secured the “Song of the Year” and “Composition of the Year” awards back in 2007. Consequently, Rodriguez received the “Songwriter of the Year” award.  Two years later, another hit song Mi Ultimo Dia won the “Song of the Year” award. And another two years after that, the duo’s Tu Amor No Es De Este Mundo landed the “Song of the Year” award at AMCL Awards.

Tercer Cielo “Creere”

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