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Toby Love’s music has always been the prime example of a production masterpiece. Infused with melodic lyrics – his music is known to have transcended time. The urban bachata genre is unforgivably competitive; to remain relevant after so many years in the industry is a remarkable feat and a true testament to the greatness that is Toby Love. As one of the pioneers of the modernization of bachata, Toby Love has delivered hits such as “Tengo un Amor”, “Amores Como el Tuyo” and “Llorar Lloviendo” to an eager audience. Every track diligently produced by Toby Love along with Eddie Perez echoes for years to come, leaving the audience appreciative of the different flavors immersed in his songs. We have seen Toby grow both as an individual and as an artist and now its time to look behind the scenes at the man who has brought us the beats to which we tap our feet.

The South Bronx native singer/songwriter of Puerto Rican decent, Toby Love recently release his latest album “Amor Total” on May 7, 2013. The new album features Love’s latest #1 Billboard songs on the Tropical Chart “Lejos”, a song written by Toby Love and co-produced by Sergio Gtoby-loveeorge as well as “Todo mi amor eres tú” (I just can’t stop loving you), which was produced as a tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

We had a chance to catch up with Toby Love and talk about his career, his influences and future plans.

é: You started your career as a backup singer for the band Aventura. How did your time working with them help prepare you for today and becoming a solo artist?

Toby Love: Being with my brothers from Aventura helped me tremendously. I was only 16 years old when I joined the band, so it taught me to be responsible and gave me experience on stage. That’s why I’m able to entertain the world today. Unforgettable times!!!

é: Congratulations on your new album that was released this month called “Amor Total!” What can your fans expect from this album and how does it differ from your previous releases?

Toby Love: Thanks!!! I am super excited about my new album “Amor Total”. I think this album I show a little more vocally and musically. I had the opportunity to write and produce 95 percent of my album. I can’t believe I had the pleasure of working with Sergio George. It was an honor to work with him. I added some Reggae to the album and I’m introducing a new fusion, BACHATA SOUL. You have to check the album out to see what I’m talking about. I think its my best album yet.

é: Since you sing bachata, are you a romantic with the ladies?

Toby Love: I am definitely a romantic, I think!

é: How did living in the South Bronx influence your music and your career?

Toby Love: Being born in the South Bronx definitely influenced me and my music. I remember growing up on 594 Union Ave; we had different cultures on my block. Whether it was on the streets, or in my building, there were always different types of music being played. It went from Merengue in one apartment, to Salsa and bachata in others. Outside with my friends, we would listen to reageaton and R&B, to list a few. Hearing different types of music is what inspired me not to be closed minded.

é: What are some past times or hobbies that most people don’t know about?

Toby Love: My favorite hobbies are baseball, basketball and shopping for clothes.

é: In your new album, you did a tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. How has Michael Jackson influenced your musical career?

Toby Love: The reason I did this tribute to MJ is because he is one of my idols musically and vocally. Not too many people could do what Michael did. Always pushing his talent to the next level. I’ve always said that when I make it, I will try to push my talent to the next level and be original. MJ taught me that. When he passed away I felt like a member in my family died. I know, it’s Kray, but true.

é: What is next for Toby Love? Are you currently on tour? Will we see you perform in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area any time soon?

Toby Love: Next thing for me is Europe. I love seeing my fans all over the world, they are the best.

I’m going to ITALY, ROME, MADRID, BELGIUM and PARIS. I have some concerts plus I’m going to promote my album “Amor Total” out there so it should be EPIC. I’m just gonna try to do what Pinky and the Brain tried to do: take over the world with my music and keep grinding. BACHATERA TERA TERA COME ON!!! Oh, I almost forgot, thanks for the interview, and I also wanna thank all my fans for the love and support since the beginning of my career.

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By Adrienne Oliveira

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