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Conjunto Primavera Ricky Munoz

When two things come together, sometimes they make for an unbelievably amazing combination; think peanut butter and jelly, rum and coke, or better yet…Conjunto Primavera and Ricky Muñoz. Two of Regional Mexican music’s leading voices, Tony Meléndez (vocalist and leader of Conjunto Primavera) and Ricky Muñoz (vocalist from Intocable), collaborated in order to unveil the masterpiece that is Un Desengaño, the first promotional single off of Conjunto Primavera’s new album.  The Un Desengaño released a couple of years ago is a classic song you never really get tired of, but Conjunto Primavera and Ricky Muñoz’s revamped version is like simply adding a little bit more spice to something already wonderful on its own.

Un Desengaño is the song for you if you don’t mind revisiting the classics accented with a bit of something different. Don’t be afraid to check out the result that comes from a collaboration of music geniuses!

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