Why 6ix9ine May Be Released from Prison 40 Years Early

Why 6ix9ine May Be Released from Prison 40 Years Early

The controversial rapper 6ix9ine was originally facing a 47-year prison sentence. But now, he may be released as early as September 2019.

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Who is 6ix9ine?

22-year-old Daniel Hernandez exploded into fame in 2017 after his debut single “Gummo” quickly reached number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100. Known for his rainbow hair, creative face tattoos and reckless persona, the Mexican/Puerto Rican rapper has accumulated over 1.6 billion views on Youtube and 15.1 million followers on Instagram.  Despite being reckless, the rapper has donated money to those in need in New York, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and more. 6ix9ine has been involved in internet “beef” with rappers such as YG and Trippie Red. But whether you love or hate him, the young man’s music is loved by millions around the world.


However, in 2018 6ix9ine was arrested for racketeering, weapons, and drug possession. He initially pled not-guilty, and consequently was facing a 47-year sentence. While he was in prison 6ix9ine seemed to be fading away from the media spotlight, and his music career seemed to be nearing an end.

But wait…

Recent news has surfaced that Hernandez and 3 of his 5 co-defendants are now pleading guilty to their case. If the remaining co-defendants do the same, then the trial could be canceled. If so, 6ix9ine has served enough time to fulfill the guilty-plea agreement and may be released this September.


All controversy aside regarding his persona and his criminal charges, he now has a chance to take back over 40 years of his life. But the rapper’s fate is now out of his control, and now, all we can do it wait.


Do you think Hernandez deserves a second chance? Are you a fan of his music or his personality? Let us know what you think in the comments below! And sign-up for our newsletter for the latest news regarding your favorite Latin artists!



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