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When I walked into Zengo I knew that I was in for a special treat. The spacious entryway and friendly staff, coupled with the delicious smells wafting in through the kitchen had me feeling at home before I even reached my table.

Known for its unique fusion of Latin and Asian flavors, Zengo is the place to be on a Friday night in Chinatown. The place was full of couples and small groups, laughing over their trendy drinks and small plates. Definitely a good place to hang out and unwind after a long work week.

The menu itself is extensive, and the options feel a bit overwhelming. Pork Arepas next to Duck Confit-Daikon Tacos? How do you even choose anything?! It was tough, but as soon as I saw the Charred Tuna Wonton Tacos I knew that I had to have them.

Nothing at Zengo is cheap, but you do get three beautifully arranged tacos, and the quality of the ingredients gives you some bang for your buck. Each one is topped with sushi rice, mango salsa, guacamole, and pasilla chile sauce, which pairs perfectly with the charred tuna. The fish itself is so fresh it could have swam onto the plate. The flavors blend together in a way that I, for one, never would have expected, making this a dining experience unlike any other. For that reason alone, I’ll be back.

This is a great place for adventurous eaters looking for their next big thrill. I promise, when it comes to new and exotic food combinations, Zengo won’t disappoint.

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