Exploring Gambling Trends

From the News Desk to the Casino Floor Exploring Gambling Trends

Exploring Gambling Trends

More and more states are legalizing casino gambling due to economic benefits such as increased employment opportunities and tax revenue.

This article presents an analysis of selected data from the 2015 Northern Territory Gambling Prevalence and Wellbeing Survey (GOES). Participant responses were recorded via Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI), then scored according to the GOES scale.

Online Gambling

Online gambling continues its exponential rise, with more people playing games on mobile phones and tablets than ever before. This growth can be partially attributed to increased smartphone penetration and faster internet speeds as well as innovations within the industry such as virtual reality technology that creates the sensation of being on a casino floor.

Many people now wager online while watching betting events, leading to more bets being placed and increased revenue for operators.

Smartphones remain the most widely-used gambling devices, but laptops, PCs, and tablets remain reliable routes of access for gambling activities. PC and laptop usage for gambling has steadied since a long decline. Research [36*] has discovered that joining gambling-themed online communities may be associated with disaffiliation from primary social groups offline among young men; perhaps this explains why conformity towards perceived positive group norms about gambling can be observed within them.


Gambling used to be seen as something to fear or despised, yet now many state governments embrace and tacitly support it by reaping tax revenues from casinos and online betting operations. According to Holden, this shift is partially driven by changing attitudes surrounding other vices such as smoking or alcohol abuse.

Many states are keen on legitimizing the industry because it offers them an invaluable source of revenue that can go toward funding social services and sports leagues that benefit from greater attendance and fan engagement.

No wonder more people than ever before are interested in placing wagers on their favorite team or player than ever before. DraftKings, FanDuel and BetMGM in particular have grown quickly since emerging as cultural and financial giants; March Madness now holds one of the largest media rights contracts ever awarded; nonetheless this industry remains highly volatile; experts caution of an initial increase in problem gamblers when gambling becomes more widely accessible – known as “exposure effect.”

Social Impact

Gambling can be an enjoyable pastime, but its associated social costs are considerable. These costs include lost productivity, increased crime, pathological gambling leading to bankruptcy and bad debts that impact an economy’s whole system, particularly among

Personal journeys and experiences in the casino world are shared openly at, offering readers a glimpse into the real world of gambling.

young people who are just emerging from parental homes into managing their finances independently for themselves – so it is crucially important that young people receive accurate information regarding its potential dangers.

As well, more research needs to be conducted on the economic repercussions of gambling. While numerous studies have been done, most fail to account for all costs associated with gambling and do not provide an unbiased perspective. A few studies have analyzed gross effects but more research must be conducted on net impacts of gambling.


As the iGaming sector evolves and new technologies emerge, it is vital for regulators to remain cognizant of how changes impact consumer protection. This includes understanding how various forms of online gambling impact people who use these services.

Frazer cautioned MPs that this issue could lead to broken families, lost jobs, bankruptcy, jail time and suicide. She encouraged ministers to adopt a comprehensive solution including levying operators on addiction treatment and research programs.

She called for curbs on digital marketing that she believed would prevent punters from betting more than they can afford to lose, however due to delays caused by Brexit these proposals may take time to come into force and many punters continue using betting apps offering promotions and free bets with results of increased gambling problem among adults.

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