Exclusive Interview with Jesse Medeles.

If you haven’t heard, Jesse Medeles has been killing it! Have you seen his Instagram account? Definitely follow him @jessemedeles . We first interviewed Jesse back in 2016 and this is our follow up interview with the amazing Latin Superstar. Without further delay, here is our follow up interview.

LETNetworks: Alright. Here are some of our questions. Now, who do you credit as being one of your biggest influence and how did they affect the way you conduct or do music? 

Jesse Medeles: well, my grandma raise me up so she’s my biggest influence and when I worked like in the field and stuff like that, when I was younger I would get inspired through my situation or my hard times, I would like to write music and I like to create  fantasy in my mind and that’s what would create that warrior type of Jessie and I’m sure music have pretty much saved my life since I was a kid. 

LETNetworks: That’s awesome. Who do you want to collaborate with in the future if you can choose anybody in the world or whatever? 

Jesse Medeles: I would love to collaborate with Missy Eliot and I think Carole Jean, is very unique. Artist like that are the people that inspired me. 

LETNetworks: How do you feel about your billboard Latin Artist on the Rise article, how did that make you feel like personally? 

Jesse Medeles: It is such a huge impact on me because since a little kid You worked so hard, and I’m an independent artist too. Everything You have seen from the quality everything it’s our hard work, so to have a little pat on the back, it was such an emotional magical moment for me.

LETNetworks: Awesome. Do you have any pre or post-performance rituals to help you prepare for on-stage performances? 

Jesse MedelesJesse Medeles: Yeah, honestly, I facetime with my grandma before. honestly I’m really just a perfectionist. I work so hard and go to rehearsal to a much more performance. I go to rehearsal before a performance, so I’m just constantly perfecting to make sure everything is right. Because every performance that I’ve done which could be T.V. shows or which are live shows, I treat it like it’s the Latin Grammy’s, so in that way when you see my performances they’re full of choreography with like a lot of dancers and stuff like that.

LETNetworks: Ok. Is there any performance that kind of standout in your career? Like you did a choreography and you felt like the atmosphere and or people were amazing. 

Jesse Medeles: I love all the performances, I just performed for Univsion Eurphoria. It was very personal because all the biggest executives were there.. I’m at that place in my life where I really found myself as an artist, so I feel like they pretty much got 100 percent full Jesse Medeles.

LETNetworks: How would you say your music has evolved since the beginning of your career?

Jesse Medeles: It has evolved. There’s no comparism, the total first 2 songs since Amor. Like I could say I’m very proud of those songs but its really where I found my sound and it’s the 1st song that I actually got to work with a multi-Grammy billboard award winning producer and so I felt like our chemistry was so magical that I thought that song was the one that I could really say that put me stumpted towards the direction Jessie is headed

LETNetworks: How do you work through like creative Blocks or when your flow isn’t right, what kind of inspires you to keep pushing or creating new stuff? 

Jesse Medeles: I’m such a raw artist and there is only so much that the world still needs to see and I feel like I’m just so creative right now that it’s like I even got into the studio recently for my next single with Mad-music, they Worked with Daddy Yankee. And I’m certain that’s going to be my next single which is …. [Stay tuned with LetNetworks to find out!] and I felt like they were even saying that man you just have so much that’s just stuck in your mind and then I’m like you could write albums and so I felt I hadn’t reached that point yet, where I’d probably get a writer’s block.

LETNetworks: I guess we’d like it we’d like to follow that with what influences your style? like you’ve like a distinct type of thing going on, what inspires that? 

Jesse Medeles: So when I was a little kid and like I told you, I worked in the field and my parents were separated, so a lot of my success is because of my hard work and when I  like that,  I would create like a fantasy in my mind and I would imagine like a huge performance and all that. So I’ve always been way over the top and I’ve had to learn how to do a lot of stuff myself me and  my cousin, which is the styling, and I’ve done on a lot of acting too. So whenever you see my performances and music videos, I like to incorporate my acting background to make into the performances and style.  To make it like a Vegas show type of deal. 

LETNetworks: That’s awesome, it’s very structured and there’s a lot going on. 

Jesse Medeles: Yeah. I’ll always Liked to be independent and what I love about that parted is everything you’ve seen about Jesse is 100 percent and which is from the creative side or the choreography, everything and so I’m happy about that, I was just talking to my cousin because my biggest dream was like getting to a certain place, so I could sign with a label but now that I’ve learned how to do a lot of company, so I’m like let me find an investor and then do it ourselves and we can lower them once we’re at them very (very) top then we sit down with the label. So a lot has changed but I’ve only been so grateful for everything I learned in the process.

LETNetworks: That’s awesome. Do you see yourself making any movies or acting? 

Jesse Medeles: yeah, I’m actually still auditioning here  in LA, I live in California and right now because of my life story and what I’ve been through and stuff like that, I’ve been working with a director and producer that I did a movie with and now we’re writing T.V series, in spite of my life. Kind of like to break stereotypes of the Latinos, and then when I didn’t work in the field to show different side because that look where some of the most beautiful side like it was a lot of hard work and some days, emotionally I will crash but from there some of the moments that really taught me to be the person I am and how to treat others how I want to be treated. 

LETNetworks: Definitely Inspiring.  Are you a vegetarian? 

Jesse Medeles: I’m not. I eat everything. I eat very healthy. 

LETNetworks: Ok, I guess that’s it, that’s all the question I have right now, it was like a pleasure talking to you.

Jesse Medeles: Thank you guys. Thank you for the support. You can check out my social media and my web page at http://www.jessemedeles.com/

Learn more about Jesse on his artist Page: Jesse Medeles


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