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Madai2Madai, the newest member of Mr. 305 Inc., is the quintessential Miami Latina, born in Guantanamo, Cuba and raised in America. At the tender age of 8, she immigrated to America and began to immerse herself in American pop culture, which helped her learn English. A year later, she began writing poems in English and Spanish, which quickly transitioned into songwriting.

She has joined the family of Mr. 305 Inc., the first major record label owned by International Superstar Pitbull, founded to focus on the development of new talent. Mr. 305 Inc., is also the home of renowned artists El Cata and Sophia del Carmen, among others.

Madai writes her own lyrics, which are often bilingual and based on her experiences. She has a natural ability of capturing a moment and expressing its emotion in a song. A fan of all music, she is not tied to one style; rather her songs resonate with themes and fusions mixing Gospel, Hip-Hop, R&B, Latin, Country, Dance and Pop. Her lyrics reflect the experiences of women, living in a cross-cultural digital world. Her music blends cultures, mixing her Americana youth experiences over strong hip-hop beats. Her music is a merging of ethnicity in the common spirit of today’s youth. She easily transitions from one culture to another, and blends these worlds in her life and in her music.Madai2

Madai is not just an exceptional singer/songwriter; she is also a talented dancer. Her natural dancing ability is an outgrowth of her Cuban roots, having been taught how to dance salsa and merengue by her father at a very young age.

She is currently working on her highly anticipated debut album working with world-renowned producers The Jump Smokers.

This American Latina gave Latin é an exclusive interview and answered personal questions about being Latina, music and what’s next.

é: What was it like immigrating from Cuba to America and what affect did it have on your career path?

Madai: Immigrating from Cuba to the USA was one of the most positive things that happened to me. This country has opened doors for me to make my music career become a reality and no longer a dream.

é: When you are not singing/songwriting, what are your favorite things to do?

Madai: I love to write, because music is always in my mind. I love fashion, so I would say shopping or checking on latest trends. And most importantly, catching up with family and friends.

é: What is your favorite Latin Song and where do you draw your inspiration from when you write songs?

Madai: My favorite Latin song would have to be “Mi Vida Es Cantar” from Celia Cruz, because I feel this song describes me greatly. When it comes to my writing I get inspiration from everything and anything. From movies, stories of friends or any life experiences.

é: What songs/projects can we expect from you in the near future?

Madai: At the moment I’m promoting my new single  “Falling for you, the video is on vevo. I have a song on iTunes “Estar Contigo”  with Fito Blanko. We are about to release the video on January. Planning on releasing my album by the summer.

é: Where do you see yourself in your career ten years from now?

Madai: In ten years, I see myself doing international tours. On top of the charts. Just taking my career to the next level, if God allows it, of course.

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