Song of the Week: “My Oh My” by Camilla Cabello

I think we all remember which party we were at when “Havana” by Camilla Cabello first came out. The song was smooth, yet it also had just enough edge to put it all out on the dance floor. Well Camilla came right at us with another banger just like “Havana” with her new song “My Oh My,” featuring DaBaby. Hitting the top 25 on the Billboards 100 List, “My Oh My” is easily one of the best party songs of the year and an instant classic.

The song is about the classic story of a girl seeing a guy she really shouldn’t be seeing. She says her mama hates him and that even she can tell by the look in his eyes that he only wants one thing. Thankfully for all parties she wants the same he wants, making for some fiery interactions throughout the music video. The guy, played by DaBaby, is rugged leather jacketed man just itching to hit up Camilla. And who wouldn’t? Throughout the video she shifts from Marilyn Monroe beauty to Catherine Hepburn beauty in the blink of eye. The chemistry between these two keep the song alive and flowing, which does the same for the party.

The song is ultimately a jam. Camilla has added another song to her resume that you can definitely add to your party playlist. It’s one of those song that was meant to be listened to on a crazy night. A night where bad decisions are constantly on your mind, but still having potential to be fun decisions as well. Capturing the imaginations of every spontaneous lover out there, “My Oh My” personifies the melody of hot passion you feel with a significant other you are just hoping to meet on the night on town. This song comes highly recommended and was an easy pick for our “Song of the Week.”

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