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If you haven’t heard of Buika, you soon will, or should. Buika (pronounced BWEE-kah) is a critically acclaimed flamenco fusion vocalist from Spain who has music critics and audiences all over the world praising her powerful performances. I have seen her twice now. The first time was at the GeorgeMasonUniversityCenterfor the Performing Arts in 2010 and the second was this past June at the historic HowardTheater here in DC.

The first time I saw her perform, I knew I was watching something very special – something unique. It wasn’t just that she was combining her traditional Gypsy-Flamenco vocals, in that low, raspy, husky voice of hers, with Afro-Cuban jazz rhythms and making it work with the hottest musicians in the business in accompaniment, but also, that she was giving all of her soul to her audience leaving nothing in a way that is not often seen.

Her songs, written by her and her producer Javier Limon are melodic, soulful, and bluesy fused with Afro-Cuban rhythms. She has an amazing command of her vocals. She will go from the gypsy/Romani style from her beloved Mallorca, Spain where she was born, to straight-ahead jazz scatting in one set.

She mesmerizes her audiences with her spirit and joyfulness. She is exciting to watch and you should definitely catch her on the smaller stages before she starts playing the larger venues which, in my opinion is inevitable. She will be at the HowardTheatre again on October 29th as her world tour continues.  Just a look at where she is performing and you will see that she is a major international talent.

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