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Everyone knows that us Latinas love to look good and feel good, and playing with fashion and our look is a constant in our lives. So, when we discovered Carlos Marrero and Marrero Collection, his beautiful fashion illustrations turned scarf and handbag line, we had to interrogate him about his fashionable and colorful journey.

What is your background and where were you born and raised?

I was born and raised in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, I moved to Chicago when I was 19 to attend the school of the Art Institute of Chicago.

When did your interest for illustration and fashion started?

My grandmother used to take care of us after school, since my parents were divorced. In those days, women made clothes from patterns like McCall’s and Butterick, I always copied the beautiful fashion illustrations on the cover of those patterns. That’s when I decided to become a fashion illustrator.

What inspired you to start Marrero Collection?

After working for so many magazines, I decided that the next logical step would be to put my heart into wearable pieces. A magazine has a limited shelf-life, while a beautiful scarf can last a lifetime.

And when did you launch the line? The Marrero Collection started in the summer of 2014.

FullSizeRender (2)Do you have a favorite piece?

It’s kind of hard to pick three favorite pieces, because they are art pieces I create, they are like my babies. Who could ask the mother which one is her favorite son or daughter, very hard to pick.

Which 3 pieces are your best sellers?

The Mandala scarf, leopard print and boho flowers scarves. They sold so well that I had to do them in different color palettes.

Scarfs are so “in” right now! What is(are) a unique way(s) a woman con wear a scarf?

Scarves are so versatile and there are hundreds of ways to wear one, in your hair, around your neck, as an accessory on papers, and even as a belt. The possibilities are endless!

I see that you have styled your own scarves as a tie to incorporate on your look. Genius! Any other ways men can also incorporate silk scarves into their outfit?

It is so funny because I started to tie my scarf as a regular tie and I cannot tell you how many people compliment me on it, and preparing a video on how to do it as well as other videos for women as well. A man can always wear the scarf around his neck with a regular knot, or as an ascot.

Can you share with us one of the best experiences in your career as a Fashion Illustrator and Designer?

I think my favorite experiences as a fashion illustrator had to be the day I went to Barnes & Noble and I opened a Vogue magazine and my illustration was there! That was a dream come true. Another awesome experience was when I received an actual McCall’s pattern in the mail with my illustrations on the cover of the package, the only sad part for me was the fact that my grandma had already passed and never saw her grandson’s drawing on one of the patterns from a company she used to love to make clothes from.NYC-LOres-Logo

What’s next for you and Marrero Collection?

I just finished designing the new collection for fall 2016 and it is very beautiful. I’m also looking to expand to more boutiques, and waiting to be able to tell my fans about a major celebrity wearing one of my scarves on her show, but because the show is not out yet I cannot say who… Stay tuned. It is good!

Is there anything else you’d like to add? Feel free to share with us!

I believe that women get a little bit intimidated about the whole “how do I tie a scarf”. Just have fun! I believe that a gorgeous scarf can elevate your look. Sometimes women play too safe with the jewelry, when a scarf can take your look to a whole different level.

Intrigued? Go follow Marrero Collection on Instagram and Twitter for more news and tips.

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