Song of the Week: “Waiting For Tonight”

The song of the turning millennium, LETNetwork’s presents “Waiting For Tonight” by Jennifer Lopez for its “Song of the Week.” One of the most classic JLo songs, it was recording on her “On the 6” album in 1999. Originally created by the group “3rd Party” as a German sounding Euro-pop song, JLo’s version reached new heights with her Latin house beat.

Commercially a huge success, the song reached top ten in over a dozen countries. It has been describe by multiple publications as Lopez’s best song. It was particularly praised for its ability to stir up excitement for the new millennium as many people dreaded the possible Y2K apocalypse. The music video is one long party waiting for a new age to start. And once it starts, everyone there just keeps partying harder with popping bottles.

“Waiting For Tonight” is an amazing song. It was a freaking awesome at the time it came out and is still a hard banger to this day. Almost everything about it is classic from the dope house beats to JLo’s vocals to the green strobe lights in the music video. It is a song that excites you in the moment and for the moments still to come. Blasting this song on a Friday night can get anyone hyped for the evening.

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