Movie of the Week: “From Dusk Till Dawn”

Running away from the law and blasting anything that moves, “From Dusk Till Dawn” is LETNetwork’s pick for “Movie of the Week.” Directed by Robert Rodriguez and written by Quentin Tarantino, “From Dusk Till Dawn” is one of those rare powerhouse filmmaker collaborations. Tarantino also stars in the movie alongside George Clooney. A thrill ride from start till finish, the movie personifies over the top action and blood. There are multiple twists throughout the movie that is sure to stir up the action-horror fan within you. Warning: possible spoilers ahead.

The movies plot evolves throughout its run, yet it still manages to stay simple. It begins with two U.S. criminal brothers escaping the law (Tarantino and Clooney) towards a safe haven in Mexico. With the police search of the duo heating up, the brothers are forced to take a family of hostages to help them get into Mexico. Using the family’s motor home, they force the family into smuggling them across the border where they are meant to rendezvous with someone who will help them permanently escape the law.

Once in Mexico, the brothers tell the family to take them to a certain outskirts bar for the rendezvous location. Unfortunately for everyone, the bar is a front to lure unlucky degenerates to a gruesome death as all the employees are really vampires. Fortunately though this time, their victims consist of particularly hardened criminals that won’t go down without a fight.

While the real plot sometimes feels as if it came way out of left field, the set up for it was ideal. The main character (George Clooney) is introduced as an extremely hard and capable man not afraid to do what he has to do to survive. His character is established enough that his courage in the face of a demonic horde seems believable. And while the beginning of the film portrays him morally ambiguous at best, the malicious circumstances he finds himself in has the audience rooting for his triumph. He may be a murderous thief, but those son of gun’s are basically demon’s so you the audience are forced to choose the obvious lesser of two evils.

The movie is a great popcorn flick. Commercially successful at the box office, the film has since become a cult classic. The dialogue of the movie is very sharp. It technically stars a prime Salma Hayek as the main villain with a particular scene most men will never forget. Its plot is simple and engaging. And probably most important, its just a fun movie.

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