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Opia – They Can Never Escape

Opia is a Latin é Films original production based on the Taino spirit of the dead, “Opia”. Inspired by true events, this story is brought to life in the OPIA short film with plans for a full feature in 2016. Watch the OPIA Short Film and Support our Full Feature. #OpiaMovie

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“In Taíno culture, the hupia (also opia, opi’a, op’a, operi’to) is the spirit of a dead person.

In Taíno spiritual beliefs, hupias (spirits of the dead) were contrasted with goeiza, spirits of the living. While a living goieza had definite form, after death the spirit was released as a hupia and went to live in a remote earthly paradise called Coaybay. Hupias were believed to be able to assume many forms, sometimes appearing as faceless people or taking the form of a deceased loved one. Hupias in human form could always be distinguished by their lack of a navel. Hupias were also associated with bats and said to hide or sleep during the day and come out at night to eat guava fruit.

Hupias, as spirits of the dead and the night, were feared and said to seduce women and kidnap people who ventured outside after dark.“

Latin é Films a subsiderary of Latin é LLC is focused on uplifting Latinos through quality entertainment by producing movies for the general public based on, inspired by and rooted in Hispanic & Latin culture.  Learn more about Latin é and our mission at

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