Top 10 Latin Dishes You Should Try

Top 10 Latin Dishes You Should Try

If you’re ever in the mood for some Latin dishes and don’t know where to begin, I’ve got some good news. Whether it be tacos or arepas, this article will guide you to some tasty meals we consider the top Latin foods. Get your taste buds ready.


1. Empanadas

This Latin meal has commonly taken over in Latin restaurants everywhere. Coming from the Spanish verb ‘empanar’ meaning “wrapped in bread” the dish is a baked or fried dough stuffed with, pretty much whatever you like! Most commonly it is stuffed with beef or chicken but people also use cheese, vegetables and even pork. Now that sounds tasty!


2. Tacos

A Mexican dish I’m sure everyone has tried at least once, tacos are a worldwide favorite. It consists of a corn or wheat tortilla which is folded or filled with chicken, beef, vegetables or seafood. The hand-food is often complimented with a salsa, guacamole or cream cheese finish. Taco night? I think yes!

cuban sandwich

3. Cuban Sandwich

The classic Cuban food delight, pairing ham, cheese and Cuban bread, makes this combination unmatched. The sandwich is pressed, giving it its signature look and can also contain salami. The dish is also very popular in Miami, Florida.


4. Arepas

As the perfect addition to a meal, arepas are a Colombian and Venezuelan dish which is made with flour. It is described as a mix between a pancake and tortilla. The breakfast dish can be served with dipping sauce or be used to make a breakfast sandwich with eggs.


5. Chipás

An Argentinean dish that I’m sure will have your mouth watering is chipas. This breakfast dish is a small, baked, cheese-flavored roll. It is inexpensive and commonly eaten as a snack as well.


6. Tamales

As a traditional meal of many Latin countries, tamales are a tasty way to treat yourself. They are made of corn-based dough which is steamed in banana leaf. You can fill your tamale with meats, vegetables, or even cheeses. Those sound like come tasty combinations.

ropa veja

7. Ropa Vieja

Another classic Cuban dish you’re sure to enjoy is this dish which is translated “old clothes.” It consists of pulled stew beef and is accompanied with vegetables. The dish is also popular in Puerto Rico, Panama, Spain and the Philippines.


8. Quinoa

Looking for a healthy option? Well look no further! Quinoa is a grain crop cultivated in Bolivia, Argentina and Peru which is rich in protein, dietary fiber, B vitamins and dietary minerals. It can be complimented with vegetables or meat.


9. Fajitas

This popular Latin dish was originated in Mexico and Texas. The cuisine is any grilled meat such as beef or chicken that is served with a flour or corn tortilla. It is normally accompanied with onions and bell peppers.


10. Baleadas

The traditional Honduras dish consists of a flour tortilla, which is often thick, folded in half and filled with mashed fried red beans. The most common version of the dish is served with cheese and mantequilla.


Interested in trying one of more of these dishes? Try going to one of the top 10 Latin restaurants in the U.S.! Which one of these dishes are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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