Exclusive Interview | Amara La Negra Tells Us Her Guilty Pleasure

Amara La Negra

Amara La Negra has worked hard to be where she is. It may look effortless – she’s got a kick-butt voice, an incredible body, and she knows how to capture a room’s attention with ease. If you sit down with her, you’ll find that she’s a passionate, totally in-control, superstar who knows what she wants and is unafraid to go after it. 

Tell us about your last single, Así. What was the recording process like? 

Well Así was a single I released a few years ago. Such a fun record to record. I loved the energy and vibe to that song. My latest record is LO QUE QUIERO ES BEBER (Prod By King Lumiee) which is a remix song that’s buzzing everywhere. 

It’s a great song! What do you hope fans listening to your music will take away from it? 

I always want my fans to enjoy my music. I know life can be hard day to day, so I want my music to be that moment you can just smile and dance and have a great time.  I’m all about positive energy. 

Do you have a dream role you would love to play in a movie or TV show? 

I would to do a bio-picture portraying Celia Cruz. Outside of that, I love dramas and comedies. I’m looking to explore Hollywood very soon. 

Oooh… We look forward to that! Who would you most want to collaborate with in the future? 

OMG, my list is so long. I’ve had the honor to have worked with some big names already. But I would love to work with, of course, the greats. Rihanna especially.

That would be an awesome collaboration! You have a very diverse background as an Afro-Latina. Why is diversity important to you? 

I want to be different and stand out. A lot of artists have the same sound and do the same thing. I want when you here a Amara La Negra song you know it’s Amara La Negra. 

Do you have any advice for young Latina girls who want to pursue a career in music? amara la Negra

Don’t sell yourself short. Work smart and hard. Be unique, be creative and have an incredible team believes in you. 

What’s the best part of being bilingual? 

That you can touch people in different languages. Sometimes there’s something that can only be expressed in English and or Spanish. So was great to know both. 

Can you give us any insights into what’s coming next for you in 2016? Any hints? 

I’m working on a EP with some great features on it, I will also record videos from the EP, and I will be working on a movie being shot in the Dominican Republic. Outside of that, I’m always on the road touring. 

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement in life, thus far? 

The fact that I found something very passionate that I love, and I have been working on it since I was a child.  Most people in life don’t get to do what they love, and I’ve had such a great opportunity to be able to do so. 

What’s currently on your playlist? 

Drake’s Views, Pitbull, Enrique Iglesias, Rihanna, and Beyoncé.

And last, just for fun, What’s your favorite “guilty pleasure” song? 

That’s a good one.  Work (by Rhianna ft. Drake). Work, work, work, work. I love it so much. 


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Click to watch the Latin é Original Horror short film.

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