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Exclusive Interview | Latin Pop sensation Ricky C

Ricky C

When you’re talking about the hottest up-and-coming Latin Pop Artists, Ricardo Cisneros, better known as Ricky C should be at the top of your list. Through his one-of-a-kind voice, Ricky C’s experiences in love, passion and perseverance are manifested in a series of compositions for all times.

Son of Ecuadorian parents, Ricky C was born in Chicago, and raised in Miami, Florida. His father, Segundo Cisneros, also a famous singer, who recorded several albums and performed with extensive recognition in various countries, inspired and motivated Ricky’s musical talent from an early age.

This American Latino gave Latin é an exclusive interview and answered personal questions about being Latino, music and what’s next.

What was it like growing up as an American Latino and what affect did it have on your career path?

Growing up as an American Latino was a blessing. It gave me the opportunity to experience different types of cultures and especially gave me the opportunity to experience a variety of musical cultures. From Classical music to Jazz, Pop, Rock and Roll, Doo Wap, R&B, Country Music, Boleros, Baladas, Cumbia, Merengue, Salsa, Bachata, Mariachi, House, etc. The list goes on. I was influenced by numerous musical cultures growing up as an American Latino and it has taught me that music has no boundaries. Music is universal.

Where do you find your creative inspiration?

My creative inspiration comes from my personal life experiences. Anytime I fall in love, get heart broken, or any type of emotion, I get inspired to write a song to share with the world. Life in general is my inspiration.

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What has been the single most memorable moment in your career to date?

I’ve had several memorable moments in my career and I’m very thankful for all the amazing opportunities that I’ve been given, but one memorable moment that truly stands out is    when I sang in my fathers funeral with a live Mariachi band. My father asked me on his death bed as he was dying from cancer if I could honor him with a live concert at his funeral. This was one of the difficult things I ever had to do but I did it in honor of my father. Until this day I carry that moment in my heart and will always remember what my big brother, Diego, told me that day: “Ricky you get through this, you can achieve anything…” I dedicate my career and all my accomplishments to my father.

When you’re not making music, what do you like to do in your spare time? Any hobbies/pastimes?

In my spare time I love spending time with my family. Family time is the most important thing in my life. Also, I love responding to all my fans on all my social media outlets because without them I wouldn’t be here giving this interview. Thanks to all my fans!! También, I like to work out, play basketball, go running, and hang out with friends. But most of the time, I’m making music.

Tell us about your latest and upcoming project(s).

This year I released my first single, under my own label, named “Luna“. It was a quiet success, but in 2013 there’s more to come! I can’t tell too much, have to keep my fans in suspense!

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