Respected Miami fashion designer Rosita Hurtado leads a very meaningful event in the industry right at the heart of one of America’s major fashion cities. As a dedicated philanthropist, Hurtado creatively merged art, culture, and fashion in one super event which symbolically highlights her undying support on a virtuous cause for her fellow Bolivians.

In 2004, Rosita Hurtado established the Latin Angels Foundation, a non-profit organization with the main goal of improving the lives of less fortunate people in Santa Cruz de la Sierra particularly in health and medicine concerns. Part of the foundation’s efforts is to provide training to the beneficiaries about Chinese traditional medicine. Since its foundation, Latin Angels has secured a long list of highly revered advocates such as Ronald Mc Donalds, Unidos por Bolivia, Aldea SOS, La Liga Contra el Cancer, and Friends of Bolivia.

The Gala of Angels turned out to be a very successful event with  the collaborative efforts of The Latin Angels Foundation, The Wu Project, and Dr. Maritza Martinez Hernandez. The glamorous and purposeful occasion was held last July 25 at the Wynwood Art District in Miami, Florida. The event was a showcase of talents and skills from various art disciplines which was participated by over 100 talented and promising artists. Plastic artists, musicians, dancers, and singers took the stage as their main platform in exhibiting their creative support to the missionary cultural legacy.

And to make the event even more fascinating, designer Rosita Hurtado revealed her 2018-2019 Alta Moda Collection: Barroco Mestizo“. The designer’s recent showcase of her collection reveals a fraction of an even larger assemblage of the Ixoye clothing line – “Angels“. “Barroco Mestizo” was presented with significant adherence to the Bolivian culture through the voices of the youth of Santa Cruz dela Sierra community with picturesque scenery of the country on its background.

"Barroco Mestizo, intends to bring the Bolivian cultural and historical richness to the fashion world, using representative images of the Chiquitana architecture and of the Amazonian fauna, together with the spirituality of the American Renaissance Baroque music" - rosita hurtado

The momentous occasion was embraced by a spectrum of respectable personalities in the industry. Osvaldo Rios and Sissi Añez were the hosts of the event. Industry colleagues such as Emilio Uribe, Samy Gicherman, and Rocco Donna also came out to support Rosita Hurtado.

"Rosita, besides being a great friend, is an extraordinary designer, and I'm proud to be able to support her in this noble cause". - Rocco donna

The night was even made more glamorous with the presence of several television personalities such as Erick Cuesta, Federico Díaz, Francisca Lachapel, Karla Martinez, Luis Alfonso Borrego, Maky Soler and Pedro Moreno.

"My experience with Rosita has always been phenomenal, it is an excellent human being, very humble, it is an example of perseverance and success".-pedro moreno

In order to further extend the reach of the Bolivian culture into the world audience, plastic artists and photographers will continue to showcase their masterpieces in an open gallery. This collection also boasts the treasured artistry of distinguished Bolivian artist Verónica Virreira who has been well respected by both fellow artists and enthusiasts in the industry because of her works that have significantly impacted the cultures of both Bolivia and Spain.

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