ENTERTAINMENT | Hamilton or HamilTONYs?


Lin-Manuel Miranda and Hamilton have been taking the world by storm. Not only is the musical making history by being nominated for 16 Tony Awards, but also Miranda might have played a crucial part in keeping Alexander Hamilton on the 10-dollar bill.

Lin-Manuel Miranda has garnered much publicity recently for his incredibly successful Broadway Shows and for his political activity as well. He performed a freestyle rap with President Obama, appeared at a Capitol Hill press conference with lawmakers for Puerto Rican Debt relief, and met with the Treasury Secretary and inquired about keeping Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is best know for creating and starring in the Broadway Musicals, In the Heights and Hamilton.

In the Heights (one of my favorites) was nominated for 13 Tony Awards (won 4), won a Grammy Award for Best Musical Show Album, and was nominated for the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Though I have yet to see or read Hamilton, I have heard countless admiration for the musical by several people including our very own Editor-in-Chief, Caitlin Christensen. This sold-out smash hit has crossed over into popular culture and has been showered with award after award. The hip-hop musical about America’s first Treasury secretary has been nominated for more Tony Awards that any other Broadway show in history.

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