3 Latino Players to Watch for in the Champions League Final

3 Latino Players to Watch for in the 2019 Champions League Final

After 2 of the most exciting semi-final matches in UEFA Champions League history, FC Barcelona and Ajax were eliminated. Only 2 teams remain, Liverpool and Tottenham, who will face off in the Finale this Saturday, 6/1, at 3:00  PM (EST). But while you wait for Saturday to come, we’ve picked our top 3 favorite Latino players from both teams that we think you should keep an eye on when game-time comes.

Lucas Moura

Lucas Moura, the right winger for Tottenham is one of the leading forces Spurs fan are depending on this Saturday.  Moura became a legend in the semifinals of this year’s Champions League Semifinal, when he himself scored all 3 goals needed to keep his team alive, including one goal in the 96thminute. Watch all 3 of his history-making goals below!

Originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, the winger just joined the team this past season, after playing 5 years in France for Paris-Saint Germain (PSG). But, especially after a great regular season and his historical performance in the iconic semifinal, he has already proven himself  to Spurs fans all over the world.

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Roberto Firminho

Liverpool’s star attacking force Roberto Firminho suffered a muscle strain in training a while ago, and missed the last couple Champions League games as a result of the injury. However, inside sources say the that Brazilian star is looking much better, and has begun training again. The team is confident that he will be on the field on Saturday, and fans are glad to have him back. This 2018-2019 Season in the premier league, Firminho scored 12 goals himself, and Liverpool fans are hoping to see some more action from him this weekend!


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Fabio Henrique Tavares, better known as Fabinho is one of the most important defenders for Liverpool. Even though he only played 28 games in the Premier League (regular season) this year, he still  scored one goal himself, and recorded 2 assists, which is not easy to do as a defender. As Tottenham comes off of an extremely hot streak of goals, Liverpool fans are depending on  Fabinho especially, to stop Tottenham attackers. Fabinho is also very close with Firminho, his fellow Brazilian teammate at Liverpool, who will also (likely) be returning this weekend. Watch the 2 teammates talk about their friendship,  and titles hopes in the video below! And for the hottest and most recent Latin entertainment news, follow us on all social medias and subscribe to our newsletter by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

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