7 Latino Fashion Designers That Will Have You Rethink Your Closet

7 Latino Fashion Designers That Will Have You Rethink Your Closet

Maybe you’re not the most knowledgeable when it comes to the latest trends in fashion but these seven Latino fashion designers are. From runway looks to hip streetwear these designers make their looks the most influential of the season. Here are seven Latino fashion designers that will have you rethink your closet.

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1 Isabel Toledo

Toledo was on the path to becoming a fashion icon as she attended Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. The Cuba-born designers styled Michelle Obama for an appearance at a fashion world fundraiser in New York City in 2008. She also designed the yellow wool dress and matching overcoat that was selected for the First Lady to wear at the first inauguration of Barak Obama.

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2 Carlos Miele

This icon made his way in the fashion world as a “self-taught” designer. Based out of Brazil, in 2006, he established his own label titled, Miele. The label is sold in more than 20 countries worldwide. He even offers a line of premium denim. Now that’s innovative!

3 Oscar de la Renta

This Dominican-American designer has styled some of your favorite celebrities for sure. In 1973, he was named to be a part of the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame. He’s even expanded his brand to a fragrance, OSCAR, an accessories line as well as a homeware line.

4 Carolina Herrera

Venezuelan fashion designer Carolina Herrera is known for styling multiple First Ladies including Michelle Obama, Jacqueline Onassis, and Laura Bush. In 1972, she appeared on the International Best Dressed List and 1980 elected to its Hall of Fame. Then later in 2004, she was awarded Womenswear Designer of the Year.

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5 Cristobal Balenciaga

You may recognize this Spanish designer as the founder of the Balenciaga fashion house. In 2011, the Balenciaga Museum was exhibited in his hometown of Getaria, Spain. Also in 2011, the “Balenciaga and Spain” was opened which represented a 120-piece fashion retrospective of his career.

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6 Antonio Del Castillo

Born in Madrid, Spain, Castillo designed dresses, jewelry and hats for numerous fashion houses. In 1962, he opened his own fashion house in Paris where he created elegant clothing and costumes for private clients and theatre. He even won an Academy Award for costume design in 1971.


7 Adolfo Sardi

Beginning as an apprentice of Balenciaga and Chanel, Sardi’s influences helped lead to his greatness. Although he never attended design school, he was encouraged by his aunt to pursue fashion. In 1953, the Cuban designer received a Coty Fashion Award.

Are you into the latest fashion trends? Which one of these Latino designers would you let style you? Let us know in the comments below!

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