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Born in Trinidad, Alexander, the Urban Tropical artist, has a long history with music. But it wasn’t until fate brought him to Miami that he was able to conquer new heights to achieve his musical dreams. Leaving his home behind, he ventured to the Sun City, where he was lucky enough to meet the Dominican producer, Lenny 357, who has worked with leading artists from all over Latin America. Banning together the duo recently released the hit song, “I’ll Wait for You with Flowers,” a blend of dance beats and themes of love that works perfectly with Alexander’s unique voice. As we wait for his first album to hit stores we had a chance to sit down with the young artist to discuss his inspiration, loves, and hopes for the future…

é: How was growing up in Trinidad? I always think of Soca music when I hear talk of it. How has your culture influenced your music?

Alex: The cultural heritage of Trinidad was the foundation for my music, folklore, and art. When I was nine my mother encouraged me by letting me join Children’s Folk Group, participating in various provincial and national events with them. It gave me a chance to share the customs of my city with every corner of the island.

Since I was a kid I’ve always studied art – printmaking, painting, sculpture, drawing and scenic art. I wanted to improve myself even more after high school so I decided to make a change and attend the University of Las Villas, studying architecture. While there I spent my time listening to good music and composing it in my free time. Every second I wasn’t in class was spent singing on the streets or at cultural events in Cuba with my friend Tomas Gonzalez Navarro.

é: What kind of relationship did you have with Lenny 357? How did you meet and start collaborating?

Alex: I met him when I arrived in the United States. I was hit by mergers of electronic merengue (Mambo), Bachata, and I was anxious to get into this market. Lenny 357 has worked with so many leading artists like Omega and Arcangel that I knew he was someone I wanted to work with. I think he saw that I had something new to offer and he gave me a chance.

é: Tell us, what was it like creating “Gonna Wait For You with Flowers”?

Alex: It took a long time to compose – the album it’s on is a mixture of dance beats with a very particular voice. Lenny and I wrap each song with love, which makes them special.

é: Just for fun – what’s your favorite food?

Alex: It has to be Cuban finally gray rice, yucca con mojo, and roast pork.

é: And lastly, what plans do you have coming up this year for fans?

Alex: We’ve set ourselves for a big year – we’re going to make the video for “I’ll Wait For You with Flowers” and intend to release our first album, “SaborMio” to enchant fans.

For more information on “SaborMio” and Alexander, follow him on:
Facebook: /AlexSaborMio
Twitter: @AlexSaborMio

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