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Amara La Negra

Dana Danelys De Los Santos, known by her stage name, Amara la Negra. She is a Dominicana  American  Musician and multi-talented artist. And is a part of Love and Hip Hop: Miami. [1] [2] [3] Since her participation in the prime time television show. La Negra’s presence as a dynamic artist has pushed boundaries. Concerning the idea of Racism. In the Afrolatino communities in the United States and throughout Latin American. [4] [5] [6]

De Los Santos was born and raised in the state of Florida by a single mother. Her Mother migrated to the city of Miami where she worked endlessly. [7] When her mother gave birth to De Los Santos. She maintained her idea of work ethic. In order to ensure that her daughter would have a bright future. [8]  Also, the mother and daughter would live in the neighborhood of Allapattah. [9]

Moreover, her mother was adamant that her daughter would be a star one day. About a year after giving birth. She would enter De Los Santos in a beauty pageant for toddlers in Florida. Her one-year-old daughter would go on to win first place in the contest. [10] [11]  During her upbringing, De Los Santos would become part of several elite performance art schools in Miami. [12] Her mother’s work guaranteed that her daughter would learn and intake the lessons, to condition her to be a start. De Los Santos attended dance classes every day. She also took acting and modeling classes throughout most of her upbringing. [13]

De Los Santos had a childhood that revolved around the future of her career as an artist. She never learned how to ride a bike or how to swim, or roller skate. [14] Her mother would often ask her:  “do you want to have fun or prepare for your future?.” That question was instilled as a way for De Los Santos. To constantly recall the determination of achieving success. Due to the amount of work output of De Los Santos, she rarely had friends. [15] Born in the U.S., and of Dominican background. She also visited the Dominican Republic for the first time at the age18. [16]

In addition, La Negra got her start as a child performer. And personality on the weekly Univision’s Sábado Gigante for six years. [17] [18] Her time on the weekly entertainment television show made her a prominent child artist. In the Latin American community. After her time with Sabado Gigante. Also, she goes on to tour around Latin America as a dancer, singer, and actress. [20] 


Source: Everipedia

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