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White Dreams Necklace 2

The new year is quickly approaching and with it resolutions to start a new chapter with the right foot and energy to reach all of our goals and dreams. We recently learned about the accessories line, ‘Amoura’, which means beautiful in Arabic. This line of inspiring accessories came to be thanks to Julie Acosta, a Cuban-born Miamian, who can add Jewelry Designer to her list of many talents. On a trip to fulfill her childhood dream of visiting Egypt, the Universe pushed and inspired her to start said jewelry line.

These pieces are made with beautiful gemstones that she sources in Egypt, and her pretty designs are also created in the land of the pyramids. The line is filled with mysticism, good vibes, and sprinkles of dreams come true. So if you are looking to create abundance, health or love in your life in 2016, maybe one of Amoura’s pieces will help you reach each and every one of your aspirations. Here are three very special pieces that will help gain either abundance, love or just a clean slate to welcome light and goodness in this upcoming 365 days.Success and Abundance (2)

The Prosperity and Abundance Bracelet is made of Citrine and Tiger’s Eye. Citrine is the mother stone of money, prosperity and abundance; it promotes success, especially in business. Merchants used to carry them to attract wealth. Tiger’s Eye helps manifest focus, determined actions and alertness. It is also a protection stone that stimulates stability, optimism and enthusiasm for life.

The White Dreams Necklace is perfect to hit the reset button, start fresh and welcome purity and light into your life. This beautiful necklace was designed to be worn on the back with a spectacular backless dress. The piece has clear crystals, White Agates and Freshwater Pearls in a silver tone setting. Freshwater Pearls bring light, beauty, love and innocence. White Agate fosters harmony, soothes our emotions and brings courage and self-confidence; while Clear Crystals cleanse and heal.

White Dreams Necklace 2

Lastly, the Attracting Love Necklace and Bracelet Set are the combination of six stones that will bring not oLove-Braceletnly love, but passion, longevity, compassion and success; for a long, loving and sizzling relationship. Rose Quartz represents love, and it means unconditional love, romantic love, peace and protection. Moonstone balances the emotions, provides hope and attracts affection. Garnet is all about passion, sensuality and increases sexual drive. Jade brings compassion, longevity and happiness; while Citrine works its magic to bring success, positivity and abundance.

Set your intentions, make a plan and get the Universe on your side with these pieces for 2016. Which one will you be adding to your jewelry box? What is it that you want to bring your way in the new year? Feel free to share in a comment!

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