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BradfordOn Friday, April 25th a group of Latino and African American MBA students gathered together at the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center at the University of Maryland, College Park campus. There, they celebrated and participated in the 21st Annual William D. Bradford Minority Awards Banquet. The banquet, a major business leadership event, is specifically designed to honor minority business leaders and celebrate diversity in business. Hosted each year by the University of Maryland, the awards ceremony empowers minority business owners, encourages minority businesses to continue being the best they can be, and gives them the appreciation and support they are often denied.

This years special guests included Dr. William D Bradford and his daughter, Sydney Bradford; University of Maryland’s Associate Dean, Dr. Ken White; and the university’s Vice Dean, Dr. Joyce Russell. The keynote speaker was Dr. Antonio Tijerino CEO of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation.


Exceptional Community Involvement Award: Natasha Smith and Freddy Chacon
Outstanding Academic Performance: Chavuanne WIlls and Milton Vasconez
Faculty Engagement Award: Dr. S. Lele and Dr. Paulo Prochno
Staff Engagement Award: Kecia Hansard
Alumni Engagement Award: Kristie Curameng Bradford




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