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With her Chilean, Panamanian and Dominican heritage, Eli Jas is the quintessential native New Yorker. Born in Chelsea, in the borough of Manhattan 21 year old “Eli Jas” is shaking up the Latin Music Industry. Armed with R&B phrasing, Pop melodies and a sultry voice. Her mash up of pop production over Bachata grooves is incredibly infectious. The concept and style stems from “Eli Jas” herself. “I have had many musical influences in my life” she says. “In my home we listened to Pop, R&B and traditional Latin styles. Combining the genres’ felt totally natural to me.”

While taking classes at John Jay College Eli Jas decided to follow her heart and take a chance to pursue her dream of a career in the music industry. She decided to take time off from school and began studying with vocal coach Craig Derry. She also started collaborating with producer Chris Hierro to create her first song “Tu Me Haces Volar.”

Eli Jas debut single “Tú Me Haces Volar” demonstrates her powerhouse voice, unique sound and soulful lyrics. “The energy and attitude of my music reflects the many emotions women go through. When listening to my lyrics I want young women to be able to say, that’s exactly how I feel.” Her EP, entitled “Team Eli Jas”, is free and was created simply to thank her fans for their support. “The songs I used for the EP were songs that fans had already heard at shows and I didn’t want to hold off any longer with sharing it with all of team Eli Jas all around the world,” says Eli Jas.

Currently Eli Jas is working with Grammy nominated executive producer, Matetraxx. Matetraxx, is best known for producing the King of Bachata, Romeo Santos and Aventura albums which have revolutionized the genre of Bachata.

Eli JasRecently Latin é caught up with Eli Jas and got a chance to get an exclusive interview. Eli Jas talked about her new EP release, influences, and the deep appreciation she has for her loyal fans.

é: Growing up in the melting pot of New York, you mentioned you had many musical influences in your life. What musical artists do you admire?

EJ: I’ve had so many influences in my life and it’s so hard to choose from! I always loved powerful voices so La India is one of my favorites and she gets her emotion across with her tone and the feeling she puts into her music. I’m a big fan of Mary J Blige and Faith Evans as well because of the emotion put in their music!

é: What is your favorite Latin dish that you will never get tired of?

EJ: Mofongo con camarones and Sancocho! They are my favorite dishes!

é: We love your rendition of “Love Song.” We have heard many versions, but with the Bachata twist, it takes it to a whole new level. What other types of songs can we expect to hear from you EP release in February?

EJ: You can expect me talking about a lot of personal experiences in my music: heartbreak, being hopelessly in love, and also pulling through it and believing in love again. I hope my fans enjoy it and can relate to it!

é: Speaking of love, do you have anything special planned for February 14th?

EJ: I have nothing planned for the 14th, but I’m sure the people that care for me will show me on that day 🙂

é: If you could share one thing with your fans, what would it be?

EJ: I would share the fact I appreciate their love and loyalty, because without them I wouldn’t be here living my dream.

Interviewed by Adrienne Oliveira

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