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Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez, famous from the hit TV show, Jane the Virgin, has quite the repertoire of films aside from her impressive TV-fame. This American actress of Puerto Rican decent has been named one of the “top 35 Latinos under 35,” by the Hollywood Reporter. The young actress was recently nominated for a Golden Globe – Best Actress in a Television Series – for her work on the hit series Jane the Virgin; an award she went on to take home. But before her Jane the Virgin fame, Gina had already garnered respect in the industry. Projects she’s worked on include Our Family Wedding, My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 2, Go for It!, Filly Brown, Californiawater, Interstate, Enter the Dangerous Mind, Sleeping with the Fishes, WildBlue, and Sharon 1.2.3.

Amidst all of her acting roles, here are a few parts that really stand out:  

  1. Filly Brown. Gina was a Sundance Film Festival darling in this critically-acclaimed film about a hip-hop rapper, Majo Tonorio (stage name, Filly Brown) who is trying to make it big time in the music industry. Faced with life-changing decisions and challenges, this film featured a strong Latino cast, including the late (and great) Jenni Rivera and the incredible Edward James Olmos.
  2. Go For It!  Gina got her first break back in 2011, starring as Beverly in the Soap Opera Series “The Bold and the Beautiful” – that same year she got her film break as well, in this musical film. She plays a dancer trying to follow her dreams (do you see the theme forming?). She went on to be nominated for an Imagen Award, which honors Latinos in the Entertainment Industry, for her role.
  3.  Our Family Wedding. And we wouldn’t feel right without including this classic family feud film, where a bride and groom try to prepare for their big day, while their fathers plot against each other. For her part, Gina is convincing as she tries to stop her father’s prejudices from keeping her from the man of her dreams.

One thing’s for sure – whether she’s doing it on the big screen or in real life, Gina Rodriguez is catching up to her dreams. We look forward to seeing what she shines in next.

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