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Randy Gold Rodriguez is his name and making music is his game. This Dominican born artist was raised in the High Manhattan Harlem of New York City with the dream of becoming a solo artist stuck in his head. It wasn’t long before he made that dream a reality, and began to take his talent to the stage with more and more success. Now, going by the name “Golden Boy,” this champion of young musicians everywhere is ready to take the industry by storm.

é: What was it like transitioning from the Dominican Republic to High Manhattan Harlem? How did living in both places affect you as an artist?

Golden Boy: It was not hard at all, actually. I arrived in New York City at the age of three in 1991, and since then I’ve been traveling back and forth between the two constantly. Initially I learned everything from New York first, but little by little I was catching up on my Dominican roots. My father is a music lover and I was always surrounded by music from my country. From him I learned about artists such as Fulanito, El General, Antony Santos etc. This was the type of music I had in my childhood and it’s what motivated me to create Spanish music.

é: How did you coin the name “Golden Boy?”

Golden Boy: When I was younger I would sit down in the living room with my family to watch boxing fights. I admired boxer Oscar De La Hoya, because he fought hard in the ring. Soon when I was taking my music career more seriously I was battling between names and ended up with Golden Boy. Golden Boy to me represents somebody who fights hard to beat the odds just as Oscar De La Hoya did. And it’s someone who has been special from the start: to me bachata is the ring where I fight.

é: Tell us about creating “Every Breath You Take.” What made you decide to recreate the old classic? What was the process in making that song?

Golden Boy: Every breath you take is a song that since an early age I’ve been listening to. I’ve always been inspired by the 80s; some times I even wish I had grown up then. It all started with a call from my producer I recorded in the Bronx at Lenny Santos’ studio and became very good friends with Jose Trankilo. He introduced me to a friend of his who was looking for an artist to sing the song, Every Breath You Take.” He (Jose) felt I was the right person for the song, and in less than three days we had the song ready to go.

é: How is your music different than other artists like Prince Royce?

Golden Boy: I believe that Royce is a very talented person. What makes my music different is that I really do try to add many of the new sounds from R&B into my work. Nowadays there’s a lot of competition out there, and the more competition there is the harder I work to be better and search for more sounds.

é: Do you have any plans for the holidays?

Golden Boy: During the holidays I am looking forward to spending my time with my family. I’ve always said I am a family guy, and this season is best spent with your loves ones and close friends.

é: Congratulations on your single – we wish you the best! To keep your fans updated, what plans do you have coming up in 2014?

Golden Boy: This 2014 you can expect new music videos and the best of me. You already know there’s a new kid on the block.


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