Hispanic Holiday Traditions

Chant “Feliz Navidad!” with These Hispanic Holiday Traditions

The holidays are all about nestling up to the fireplace, drinking a warm cup of hot coco, and spending quality time with the one’s you love most, but are you really indulging in everything this festivity has to offer? Statistically speaking, 77% of Latinos follow the religion of Christianity, making Yuletide one of the most popular, global Hispanic holidays. With Christmas being right around the corner, what’s a better way to celebrate than to bring these fun-filled, cultural traditions to your family’s household!

Starting off with a classic tradition by the name of “La Cena De Noche Buena”, which translates to the dinner on the night of Christmas Eve, this popular tradition consists of Latin families celebrating on the 24th of December, a day before the historical birth of Christ. A lavish dinner is prepared, consisting of various foods from Spanish-speaking countries. A very special night for family and friends to get together before the children open their presents.

Let’s rewind to a little over a week before Christmas, celebrating and anticipating Jesus’ arrival into the world. Prayers are spoken every day for nine days straight, expressing gratitude and a feeling of joy prior to the birth of Christ. This tradition is called “Novena”, with regions such as Canada, North, and South America participating in the religious event, followed by people of the Catholic Faith. Another well-known religious tradition goes by the name of “La Misa De Gallo”, which pertains to a midnight mass on the night of the 24th. This practice first popularized in Mexico, before growing popular worldwide.

Some Hispanic countries have a twist of their very own during the holidays. For example, Venezuelans take to the wintery streets to partake in the act of roller blading during parties called “patinates”. Another unique tradition carried by a group of people is that of spontaneously entering one another’s houses whilst singing and sometimes playing instruments. This event is called “parranda” and is enjoyed all through out Puerto Rico. Last but not least, “Tamaladas”, or tamale-making parties are celebrated to share recipes with one another when making tamales in bulk while drinking your favorite cocktail, creating fun for the whole family!

These are just some of the many traditions that occur every year in Latin households. Smiling faces and blessed hearts join together in honoring everything that Christmas has to offer. I hope you as a reader found inspiration in these traditions and share the spirit of culture to the fullest this holiday season. Merry Christmas and te deseo mucha alegria y Felicidad estas fiestas!

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