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Even though summer is quickly coming to a close, there are still warm days ahead. Labor day weekend is the perfect time to lay out and soak it all up while you still can. That means more hours spent under the sun, lounging in our favorite bathing suit taking all the Vitamin D we can get. No matter if you are hitting the beach, pool, or lake to work on your tan, there are several things that’ll help make your day by the water even more comfortable and fun this labor day weekend.

I’m sure you have the basics down. Swim suit? Check! Beach towel? Check! Sunscreen? Check! Your favorite beach-or-pool-side read? Check! However, how about those other items that have the power to take your beach day from ordinary to perfecto? I’ve been spending more time by the beach than usual and have enjoyed discovering how much I need these items in my beach life. So, I decided to share them all for you to take them in consideration when packing for your next staycation by the shore.

  1. Beach Chair: No brainer, you say. Claro! I mean, we all know these exist. However, more often than not we lay our beach towel on the sand and call it a day. Track down one with a fun pattern that matches your personality and keep an eye out for any designs that have an attached hot/cold compartment for drinks and snacks!
  2. Water Bottle: Talking about compartments for drinks… You are under the sun. You have to stay hydrated! Bring a cute reusable water bottle filled with water, and if you need to drink something more exciting, bring a second one with the beverage of your choice. 
  3. Prescription Sunglasses: You use eyeglasses in order to take in the world around you. You can’t really just leave them home because of a beach day. I’m right there with you. So, get yourself a pair of sunglasses with your prescription! You’ll look stylish, will protect your eyes from the sun and avoid premature wrinkles from all that squinting, because between the sun rays and that fabulous read it’ll be happening quite a bit.
  4. Hat: Another no brainer. However, another fashionable item we tend to just leave behind for some strange reason. The hat will not only provide you a dose of extra shade for your face, it’ll also protect your head and scalp. Hey, those burn as well! Pick one in the design, shape and size of your liking and use your day by the water as an excuse to try the hat wearing trend on yourself without the pressure.
  5. Portable Speakers: The first time I laid out on a beach and a friend took out a portable speaker and asked me what I wanted to listen to, my life was changed. If you are as musical as I am, you’ll love to be able to bob your head to the beat of your favorite tunes and the waves of the sea as the sun sets in the horizon.

What are your favorite items to bring to the water? Share it with us!

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