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From starring in his own reality show to recording album after album of exciting regional mexicano music, Larry Hernandez leads a busy life. Despite the fame and fortune, Larry is down to earth and passionate about what he does… and it shows. We took some time to talk with him about his newest album, his 2015 triumphs, and everything in between…

How did you get into music? Was it something you always wanted to pursue?

Since I was a kid I was interested in music, I was eager to learn. I knew I wanted to be a musician so I  started playing the drums in 1992 in school, then I was part of a local band called Hecelaan in Sinaloa. It was fun, but in 1998 I decided to go solo and start working in something big.

With so many albums under your belt, does it ever get old to see one of your songs at the top of the charts?

I realize that being in the top of the radio charts does not assure that you will sell out concerts tickets, radio it’s great because people get to know what is new and what it’s out there but I believe that nowadays you have to share even more… We have been blessed to be continually  number one with “Vete Acostumbrando” but being around the people and taking the time to learn what they like and making them know who you are… I think it’s part of the secret to be successful. When I feel a connection with the public when I visit their cities, they get excited and I get excited as well. Before, my goal was always to be number one, today I realize that in my case there’s so many factors that makes my career outstanding, not only being in top of the charts but being present… the public not only follow my music they follow my family by watching my reality show “Larrymania” meaning that they have a sense of who we are and they want to be part of this movement by going to meet us and attending to my concerts. Social media is a very important tool that I use to show who I am, I rely on the person that I have evolved to be.

What’s your favorite song to have ever recorded, and why?

“Ya No Sere Mas”- This song is one of my favorites not only because it’s one of my own but because all the things I have been thru, the inspiration comes from present and past experiences, you live and you learn… Also one of my favorites “Quien Fue” a song by a songwriter from Los Angeles. I listen to these two all the time.

175421_10150146083729714_2003715_oWe love Vete AcostumbrandoWill you tell us a little about your upcoming album? What can we expect?

When Carlo played the single “Vete Acostumbrando” I instantly knew I wanted the song in the record and that people will like it. I feel very happy to work with  Carlo Bribiesca,  a young talented local musician. this song is his first international hit and it feels good to be part of his success, I saw the potential on his work. The public loves ”Vete Acostumbrando”, they love the lyrics, the story.  I have learned to recognize what the public wants… and sometimes you have to take the risk…will it be a hit or not?… just time will tell but  luckily and with a lot of hard work this song is a hit. I’m getting better with time!

Do you have any advice for aspiring Latino/a musicians?

Never throw the towel! Be original and real. Don’t try to be someone else. In the early stages of every musician career, mostly we start by imitating artists that we admired since we were kids.  At some point you have to realize that creating a signature style is what makes you unique and what people like about each artist, so essentially you have to find your own voice, and have a particular style. Social media recognition helps a lot as well to create a network, meet people and create contacts.

What’s going on with you this year?

I want to record a new álbum, one of romantic “boleros”… in which  I can collaborate with Friends like Poncho from “El Recodo”  and group “Intocable” with songs that are classics of our Latin  music. My public have evolved by my side. My fans are no longer the same as they were in 2009. My life has turned into a different direction. I play in casinos where there are people mostly in their 30s to 60s, and I have to offer music that they can relate to.

Also I enjoy very much our family reality show “Larrymania” so I hope to continue with the 5th season, We have the best ratings in Spanish  TV at 9:00pm on Sundays and that’s impressive. We are a loved family by our viewers and fans. The whole family is on social media and have over 100,000 followers each. I did anticipate to be this big in social media, I never doubted it. You just have to put your mind in the right thoughts and good things will come.

Can you tell us a “guilty pleasure” song you can’t get enough of? What songs are on your playlist right now? 

I listen to a lot of pop, just because I sing “Corridos” doesn’t mean that I don’t like pop hehehhe… I enjoy  Alejandro Sanz, Calimba, also like Alejandro Fernandez music, that’s the music is playing in my car right now. Also I listen to my album every time I have a chance, I like to hear my music a lot… that way I can improve, it gives me a chance to define what could have been better and make it happen the next time. My daughters love the album, Daleyza always tells me that she wants her voice to be a little more rusty so that way she can hit the notes…  the smaller one Dalary,  with only one and half years old loves to listen to the songs and it’s even more rewarding  when they ask their mom to play the album because they want to be like their dad, they just perceive how hard we work. We enjoy every minute of them.

Click to watch the Latin é Original Horror short film.
Click to watch the Latin é Original Horror short film.

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