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Single Release: Máscara” (“Mask”), Lynx featuring Lenny Santos

Bachata artist, Lynx, releases his debut single, “Máscara” (“Mask”), featuring the legendary Lenny Santos of Aventura.  The song, which includes the blending of operatic elements with bachata music, is an original song written by Lynx.

“Máscara”, tells a story of betrayal in which the protagonist discovers that his past relationship was based on a lie. “The general idea of the song is: ‘I fell in love with the wrong person,’” says Lynx.  He goes on to reveal, “the bridge of the song was actually inspired by Eminem, I wanted to be in attack mode when I wrote that part.” And he was, accusing her of being “selfish, phony, and simply intolerable.”

The unique fusion of opera and bachata was inspired through Lynx’s own versatility and open-minded nature.  “The idea to incorporate opera elements with this song came from the fact that I love to take risks.  I didn’t want to overdo the opera elements, but with the help of my producer, Ronny Piano, we were able to incorporate them in the intro and some other parts of the song as well.”

As a member of Aventura, Lenny Santos, who played the guitar for “Máscara” proves a pioneer in shaping the modern perception of bachata music; he helped revolutionize bachata’s standing within the Latin music world.  “Working with Lenny Santos is something I will never forget.  We had great chemistry while working together, and he was impressed to know that I was the one who wrote the song,” recalls Lynx. “It was an honor to be able to collaborate with a bachata legend.”

Lynx has been composing his own music since the age of thirteen and has explored his options throughout the years, writing everything from poems on controversial topics to basic raps, but he has found his home in the genre of bachata. This is Lynx’s very first single, and he is setting the bar high by redefining the rules of his genre and stepping out of his comfort zone.  He believes in trusting his “crazy ideas” and it is that belief that has allowed Lynx to hone his creative skills and put them to use in this song.  As an artist, Lynx’s mission is to inspire others with his innovative approach, but “Máscara” is just the beginning of his journey.  Lynx will release an EP this coming year, and hopes to one day earn the following of bachata fans worldwide.

Lynx is available for interviews during which he can further discuss the concept behind “Máscara” as well as his experience working with Lenny Santos, and future plans for his music; he is also available to perform “Máscara”.  Lynx is extremely charismatic, funny and articulate during interviews and performances; each appearance offers a unique, entertaining, and memorable experience.

Download the single on the following sites: iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon

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