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Calling all lifelong bachata fans, the band Bachata 4 Life is ready to take over the bachata world. The duo is re-releasing one of their classic tracks, “Amor De Locos” on all digital platforms, and they are more unstoppable than ever.

The brainchild of Dominican singer-songwriters Moses and Angel, Bachata 4 Life was created in 2007 when the duo met in the studio for separate projects. Immediately they hit it off and bounced ideas off each other for an eventual collaboration. When they finally formed Bachata 4 Life, the pair became a force to be reckoned with in the bachata music world, winning multiple awards in both the U.S. and the Dominican Republic.

With their re-release of “Amor De Locos,” the group only cements their status as one of the preeminent bachata groups.

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