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Eros Ramazzotti‘s Perfetto is out now, and it showcases this superstar at his best and brightest. Following behind his successful album, Somos, Ramazzotti’s new album includes 14 brand new songs recorded around the world, from LA to Milan.

“When you finish working on a project, or anything else, you look at it, give it a final touch and then say Perfetto! So there, I decided to call my album like that, with an expression that is understood and used all over the world,” said Eros about the choice to name the album Perfetto. 

Produced by Eros himself, alongside long-time partner Claudio Guidetti, and featuring collaborations with a diverse range of artists (Herbie Hancock, Joni Mitchell, and Leonard Cohen, just to name a few), Perfetto is a masterpiece of an album.

The first single of this album, Al Fine del Mondowas released on March 27th and is already present on the international music charts. Combining the well-known international sound of Pop with strands of folk and modern-country, this unforgettable song was a stroke of genius, and Perfetto is clearly following in those footsteps.

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