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Get excited, because Alejandro Sanz’ new album, Siropeis finally here, and this is one album that you’re NOT going to want to miss.

With over 25 million records sold worldwide, twenty Latin Grammy awards, and 16 albums out (as of this morning), there’s no denying that Alejandro Sanz is an international sensation. This world tour kicks off this summer, and the first single from Sirope, Un Zombie a la Intemperiehas been number 1 in 14 Latin American countries, and near the top of the charts in eleven countries worldwide.

His social media stats speak for themselves: Sanz has garnered more than eight million Twitter followers and two million Facebook fans.

If that’s not enough to convince you, take a moment to listen to his new album and let Sirope do the convincing for you.

As for us, here at Latin é we LOVE this megastar and are already getting our Sirope groove on. We’re swooning to the beat, and we’re sure that in no time at all the rest of the world will be too.

Spread the word on Twitter and use the hashtag #AMLatino to tell the world where you heard the good news.

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