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raspberry-paloma-tequila-VianneyRodriguezThere are a few times a year when it’s definitely encouraged to indulge (ie gorge) oneself on sugary delightful goodness. This is one of those times. So, in celebration of this holiday season, check out our éxclusive interview with Vianney, the mastermind behind Sweet Life Bakeone of the greatest food blogs on the web. This is one interview that’ll leave you hungry for more, so grab an apron, get reading, and then get ready to whip up some unbelievably good food… just in time for Christmas.

You grew up in South Texas, which is a pretty large area. Can you tell us more about the city/area you grew up in? Jeanine Thurston Photography_20140320_A LATIN TWIST_2001

I grew up in Aransas Pass,Texas close to Corpus Christi Texas known as the Coastal Bend. Surrounded by beaches I grew up near Port Aransas beach, Rockport beach and the beaches of Corpus Christi. South Texas is known for seafood, beaches and Selena.

For people traveling to the great state of Texas, do you have any restaurant recommendations? Being from Dallas myself, I know that Texans love to boast about our awesome food scene! 

Wow, there are so many great places to eat here in South Texas.  I personally enjoy BBQ from Hatfield’s in Rockport Texas, Alteno’s in Corpus Christi and Winton’s Candy Coin Port Aransas.

How did you get involved in cooking? Is it something you’ve always loved? 

Cooking has always been a part of my life, since childhood I used to watch my mami cook for family and friends. She moved through the kitchen with an ease-calmness. I wanted to be just like her when I grew up, but I really began cooking when I moved out.  That’s when you realize it’s time to get into the kitchen or starve, lol.

slow-cooker-pozole-VianneyRodriguezDo you have a celebrity chef crush? A crush?

No thank you! I am happily married to an amazing grill master with deep brown eyes, mi carino. I do have a huge admiration for my local Talented Tejanos. My favorite is Chef Johnny Hernandez. He is talented, humble and very passionate about his craft,which is something to admire.

Family is something that’s very important to you – how does cooking fit into your family’s dynamic? 

Familia is everything tome and cooking is a family affair.  No matter how busy we are, how messy my house may be – everyday we head into the kitchen as a family and prepare dinner. My youngest sets the table, chops veggies for a salad or makes agua fresca. My oldest is a pro (she’s been cooking since she was 6 and is set to attend CIA when she graduates high school) can be found beside me assembling the main dish. She’s the baker in the family and is in charge of any baked goods you find at our home.  We moved a lot when my husband was in the Army, then while he finished his graduate studies so we were away from family.When we moved back I made a promise to myself to begin Sunday family dinner. Every Sunday the entire family (13 of us) gathers as a family and enjoys dinner together. It is my favorite day of the week, spending the day in the kitchen prepping our family meal and I share our meals on instagram with the hashtag #comerjuntos. We are on our third year of Sunday family dinner, every Sunday you can find us gathered at the table.       sweet life bakie and muy bueno-1

What is your favorite recipe from your collection? 

Sopa defideo, my mami made it for me whenever I was sick. Pure comfort.

Your collaboration with Yvette, from Muy Bueno Cookbook, is called Latin Twist and it boasts a collection of “traditional and modern cocktails.” What’s your drink of choice?

Margaritas, always!

And what’s the best cure for a hangover? 

Hydration, sleep and a huge bowl of menudo, LOL!

Do you have any advice for American Latina mothers who want to cook more, but have a hard time making time for it? 

Latin Twist Flat Cover Final.inddBegin with quick/easy recipes and prep as much as you can for the week over the weekend. Plus don’t stress, enjoy your time in the kitchen with your children. What’s important is that the family sits together at the dinner table, eso es lo importante- tiempo con la familia.When your children think back they won’t remember the meal they will remember the quality time spent in the kitchen or at the dinner table with their mom.

What cookbook/cooking blog would you be lost without? 

I have a binder with my mami’s recipes I look to these recipes for inspiration. I have also had the pleasure to meet so many talented Latina bloggers on my journey; they provide me endless inspiration with their recipes and stories.

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