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Fans went wild on March 16th for UMLE’s (Universal Music Latin Entertainment) showcase: The Show at the Half-Step (SXSW). Those fortunate enough to find their way to SXSW were treated to an excess of talent, energy, and spectacular musical artists on the rise. Looking for some new Latin music to add to your playlist? Then you’ve hit the jackpot:

There were no mediocre opening acts for this event, with Aftercluv Dancelab’s world class DJ, El Dusty, kicking off the night, energizing the audience, and living up to his reputation as a foremost innovator of “Cumbia Electronica.” In fact, some fans were so enlivened that when MLKMN took the stage, they took the stage with him! But if Latin music lovers thought the party ended there, they were in for a treat! Mon Laferte, Chilean star and singer-songwriter, left the audience chanting “otra, otra” by the end of her impactful and captivating performance, and Los Rakas followed by transforming the space into an urban dance concert that had everyone back on their feet. Finally, 3BallMTY (“Tribal Monterrey”) kept the party going until closing time with their unique and infections Latino Electronica. At the end of the night, this jam-packed showcase sent music lovers home with the music of locally and internationally acclaimed artists still resounding in their ears.

Have a favorite song by MLKMN, Mon Laferte, Los Rakas, or 3BallMTY? Tell us on Twitter which music makes you move!

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Click to watch the Latin é Original Horror short film.
Click to watch the Latin é Original Horror short film.
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