‘The Shape of Water’ is the LETNetworks Movie of the Week

‘The Shape of Water’ is the LETNetworks Movie of the Week

A little over a year ago, The Shape of Water (2017) won 4 Oscars. That night, the world saw the man behind the masterpiece, Mexican director, Guillermo del Toro. Today, we wanted to pay tribute to Del Toro by featuring his one of many award-winning movies again, because this masterpiece is truly worth the reminder.

If you haven’t yet watched The Shape of Water (2017), it is truly a dark romantic fantasy like no other. The plot is incredibly unique and creative, starting with a mute woman named Elisa, the cleaner at a high-security laboratory in 1962 Baltimore. Inside the laboratory, however, there is a humanoid-amphibian creature, who was captured by scientists and is now being treated very badly in experiments. Elisa begins to visit the creature in secret, and the two slowly fall in love, after she teaches him sign language, gives him food, and even plays music for him. But soon, Elisa finds out the scientists have chosen to euthanize or kill the creature, and Elisa is determined to save her lover.

The Shape of Water
Elisa shielding her lover from one of the scientists. (Image courtesy of

The movie is the truly unique combination between dark fantasy and heart-pulling romance, and writers Guillermo del Toro and Vanessa Taylor wrote the story perfectly.  And although the plot is amazing, let’s not forget that the movie also won 2  Oscars for its original music score and production design. Every aspect of the movie is deserving of recognition, and we hope you have some time to check it out. (And don’t forget, you’ll also be supporting a Latino director!)

Watch the trailer above, and let us know what you think! Or if you’ve already watched the movie, let us know what you thought! Don’t forget to subscribe to the LETNetworks newsletter (Scroll to the bottom of this page), and follow LETNetworks on Facebook and Instagram!

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