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Learning to Adapt – LETNetworks’ Newest Documentary

Learning to Adapt – LETNetworks’ Newest Documentary

We celebrate family. We celebrate food. We celebrate language. We celebrate identity. It makes us who we are.  Some of us experience a culture completely different than the one we are born into. “Learning to Adapt” will explore the upbringing of Hispanics who have been adopted at a young age and raised in a culturally different environment than the one they were born into. As part of our mission to uplift those in the Latino community, Latin é is commissioning a new feature length documentary that highlights the upbringing, emotion, and the finding of a sense of identity through the lives of Hispanics adopted at a young age, as well as sharing their adopted story.  
Interested in sharing your story? Here is your chance:
·        Hispanic or Latino decent
·        Must be at least 18 years of age
·        Submit a short introduction of yourself relating to where you grew up, when you were adopted, and your transition to adulthood
If you are interested or know anyone that might be interested and fits the requirements, please register below.

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