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Hispanics in the City Casting Call – a LETNetworks Original

Hispanics in the City Casting Call

LETNetworks – a Latin é Channel is producing another original and is seeking Hispanic / Latino influencers within the DC, Philadelphia, Richmond, and New York Metro areas for an amazing new docu-series focused on highlighting hispanic culture in the city. Interested?

What we are looking for:

  • Hispanic or Latino within a 10 mile radius of the city they represent
    • Currently looking for DC, Philly, Richmond, New York
  • Over 21 years of age
  • Instagram following must be a minimum of 3,000 followers
  • Involved in the community
  • Image and brand must match LETNetworks, A Latin é Channel’s branding and image. 

Still interested?  Submit 2 photos (1 head shot & 1 body shot), social media links, contact information and any links to any video or reels (optional). Apply Here

About Hispanics In the City

“Hispanics in the City” explores Latin culture within metropolitan areas that reflect what Latinos do in well-known, urban environments. Lead by Executive Producer Jason Torrico (@CEODonTorrico) and Director Vick Rekhi, this docu-series reflects on the cultural practices within social groups, music, and lifestyle that are growing in the Latin community, up and coming as well as aspiring artists in the field of entertainment, and places that are frequented by the Latino community that are considered “go-to” places. 

Join us on this journey where a local influencer will guide and inform the host, and will fill them in on trendy practices in the community. They will be the “travel agent” of the area, and provide what the audience may be interested in, relevant to the area. Depending on what topic of interest the host explores; business, art, music, nightlife, cultural events, entrepreneurs, community leadership or social groups, the influencer will guide them and give a more in depth look into Hispanic life in the city, giving the audience a different perspective of what is seen but not necessarily informed a great deal on.

“Hispanics in the City” aims to educate our audience and highlight what’s going on in the city while uplifting and sharing Hispanic culture with the masses. Our audience will follow the show to learn of what new or different things take place within their city from a Latino perspective, and gain information/motivation on what to explore as the host travels to each city.

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