‘Tortilla Soup’ is the LETNetworks Movie of The Week

‘Tortilla Soup’ is the LETNetworks Movie of The Week

No, not the dish, but the movie. If you’re in the mood for a feel-good family movie, Tortilla Soup is the film for you to watch.

Directed by Spanish director, María Ripoll, the Mexican-American film tells a story surrounding love and family. Martin Naranjo, played by Héctor Elizondo, lives in a Los Angeles home with his three daughters. As a retired chef, he still whips up some of his family and friends’ favorite meals despite losing his senses of smell and taste. With the help of his three daughters, cooking has still filled his life happiness even after the death of his wife.

Upon its release, the film tied with Bread and Roses for the Imagen Foundation Award for Best Feature Film. The film tells a warm, feel-good story and this is why is it LETNetworks Movie of the Week.

Have you seen Tortilla Soup? If not, grab some popcorn and set a movie night! Let us know what you think of the Tortilla Soup in the comments below!

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