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Want to update your Latin playlists? Well then, be sure to add a little Tiempo Libre to the mix. The three-time Grammy-nominated Cuban group is about to release their new album, Panamericano, and it will certainly exceed all expectations. The singles, Dime Que No and Somebody to Love Me have been out since May 19th and the complete album will be available on June 30th, featuring guest artists like Descemer Bueno, Frankie J, and Luis Fernando Borjas.

Tiempo Libre is an Afro-Caribbean music group, celebrated for its “sophisticated tropical music featuring an irresistible, exhilarating mix of jazz harmonies, contemporary sonorities, and seductive Latin rhythms,” according to their website, and I couldn’t agree more! The accomplished group has been together for 14 years, and have been featured on shows such as The Tonight Show, Dancing with the Stars, and Live from Lincoln Center, as well as other entertainment programs on Univision and Telemundo. The group was formed in Miami, and all members share the same Afro-Caribbean heritage. Their mission is to share their heritage with as many people as they can reach while mixing Afro-Caribbean sounds and integrating aspects of the new American experience into the music. It’s true Latin fusion at its best. 

Now onto the meat of things… The new singles.

Dime Que No is a salsa song for our generation. Tiempo Libre teamed up with guest artist Jean Rodrigues to really hit the ball out of the park with this one. Fusing tropical beats with brilliant lyricism and a bit of an urban undertone, this song is the perfect party starter. Fast enough to move your hips to all night long, but slow enough to give you time to enchant that special someone you’ve been staring out across the dance floor. Add this to your Latin playlist and you won’t regret it.

Somebody to Love Me features Yunel Cruz, and is a salsa song in English! Can you believe it? Okay, so only a few lines are in English, but it’s just enough to set it apart from the rest of Salsa, and to intrigue the contemporary bilingual listener. When I first heard this song I thought, “Wait I must’ve made a mistake, this sounds just like Oye Como Va by Santana.” After checking the video title, I was reassured that this was indeed Somebody to Love Me, remixed, and every bit as good as the Santana classic. For a night filled with fun and dancing, add this one to your Latin playlist.

With Tiempo Libre by your side (and on your playlists), this summer is sure to be something to dance to!

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