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The gifted singer/songwriter VICTORIA, has flourished with enchanting melodies, bringing urban influences to Latin pop rhythms and tropical sounds. Landing songwriting opportunities for international networks such as Nickelodeon, the young VICTORIA has already become the “go to” female singer songwriter for producers, songwriters, artists, and the like in topline song development studios.

VICTORIA was born from Cuban-Ecuadorian parents, and raised from an early age with music around her. A Miami native, she learned her craft and continues to study her career by doing rather than not. She formalized her talents in the industry by joining the viral successful group Los Primeros out of Miami Florida with features on MTV, and opened up for shows as the lead singer of the group for A-list artists such Don Omar. She met Los Primeros through their lead male counter part and viral personality Andy Pita. As the group grew, there was no doubt that VICTORIA would pave the path to her own story as a solo singer songwriter. Now, she has taken steps in the process of developing and recording her upcoming album with a team of professional supporters who believe in VICTORIA immensely.

“VICTORIA captures fans with her sound, her melody, her voice. People forget that it is about the music first, and she reminds everyone of this.” – Pierre Hachar, Jr., Esq.

VICTORIA currently finds herself in the studio writing and producing her sound. The demand for her songwriting has opened doors to her career, a career she never takes for granted, and strives to conquer overtime. Prior to her start with Los Primeros, and later crossing into her solo project, she was online making cover videos with her brother playing the guitar. Known as LX2 (Lopez Times 2), she gave cover songs a VICTORIA approach and blended medleys of hits in each video.

She is currently being managed and developed by Think Famous, LLC. Think Famous is a multi-level team of young professionals striving to break the mold in the entertainment industry by encompassing innovative digital advancements, corporate and sponsorship opportunities, strategic marketing, music development, and legal and new business avenues for emerging and established artists.


é: What was it like being the only female in the group Los Primeros? Were any lessons learned during that time? On some of the video clips, I saw that you had to sacrifice some of your personal life (missing a dance) to be a part of the entertainment industry.

Victoria: Being the only female member of not only the group but also the whole team was definitely a learning experience. They always treated me like a little sister and I was very fortunate to be surrounded by truly genuine individuals (something difficult to find in the music industry). It was almost like being in “pop-star boot camp”. Everyday there was a new obstacle that we had to overcome and through our teamwork, I learned not to let a couple doors slammed in your face get you down. When you want to succeed as badly as yVictoriaBarnDoor4ou want to breathe, the sacrifices become easier to make.

é: You have a quote on your Instagram (llegovictoria) from Celia Cruz that says “La vida es un carnaval.” Is that your motto for living life?

Victoria: If there’s one thing my dad taught me about life it’s that if you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right. Every day is a blessing and although there are some that our better than others, we must never forget that the good days always outweigh the bad. Celia is a true inspiration who devoted her life to something she enjoyed more than anything, regardless of the sacrifices. I was lucky enough to find my life’s calling at a very young age so I’ve gotten to live my “carnival” every day and I don’t plan to stop.

é: You recently performed at Calle Ocho in Miami, Florida and on Telemundo for the Un Nuevo Dia show. Is there a huge difference performing for a large live crowd versus television?

Victoria: HUGE DIFFERENCE! I much prefer to sing on a stage like Calle Ocho with a crowd because as a performer I love to feed off their energy. TV appearances are also a lot of fun but nothing beats seeing a crowd dance and enjoy themselves to your music.

é: Congratulations on being signed with SpanishGlobal this year. What upcoming projects do you have planned for the near future?

Victoria: I am currently working on an album. I hope to release it by next year so in the meantime everyone should be on the look out for some singles I’ll be releasing until then!

é: If you had one message for your fans, what would it be?

Victoria: My message is all in my name. Victoria stands for “the conquerer”. It stands for “triumph”. Throughout my life I have had to overcome many obstacles chasing after this dream but i decided a long time ago that i was born to be someone. I realized that I, just like everyone else, was born with the same right to succeed because I was #born2win and that determination is what pulled me through. My fans are also champions because they don’t give up on what they believe in. I just hope to serve as an example.


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