Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Triumphant Return

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Triumphant Return

Fans of Fox’s cop comedy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, should be pleased to hear that the show premiered the first episode of its 6th season just last week. January 10th not only marked the return of the fan favorite show but also its transition to the NBC network. Season 6 will pick up right where the last season left off, following the wedding of Jake and Amy.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Newlyweds Jake (Andy Samberg) and Amy (Melissa Fumero) attend their honeymoon during the Season 6 premiere. (Photo: Vivian Zink, NBC)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has long been praised for its inclusion of characters from different ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and for its cast of strong leading ladies. Some of these groundbreaking characters include Stephanie Beatriz’ Rosa Diaz and Melissa Fumero’s Amy Santiago. Instead of the show merely placing a broad “Latina” label on their characters, the actresses actually get to play characters of their own ethnicities. In the show’s second episode, Amy states that she is a “kick-ass Cuban,” reflecting Fumero’s own Cuban-American background. Similarly, Beatriz who is not only Columbian-Bolivian-American but bisexual as well gets to play her character with those same qualities. Playing from experience allows these actresses to portray something wholly realistic, adding a rare sense of authenticity to a comedy show.

When the show first hit the airwaves, many Latino fans were delighted to discover that with Santiago and Diaz, the show wasn’t just breaking boundaries, they were crushing stereotypes. Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Latina characters aren’t maids or “hot mamita” stereotypes, they aren’t the butt of a joke or ridiculed. Instead, they are tough, hilarious, three-dimensional characters –and they’re detectives.

Season 6 seems like it’ll be a big season for our favorite detectives as well, starting with exploring Amy’s marriage to Jake. From the looks of it, it looks like we’ll get to see the pair’s honeymoon. On the other side of things, the show will examine Rosa’s relationship with her parents after coming out as bisexual last season. Stephanie Beatriz herself will even take on the director’s seat for an episode focused on the #MeToo movement. Of course with all this heavy material there’s also a lot of light-hearted fun to look forward to like an episode parodying 80s cop movies.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Beatriz as Rosa Diaz. (Photo: Vivian Zink, NBC)

It sounds like Brooklyn Nine-Nine has a lot of excitement in store for us and we can’t wait. 

What about you? Are you also looking forward to the return of Brooklyn Nine-Nine?  Let us know in the comments below!

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