Dan Le Batard Launches New Podcast

Dan Le Batard Launches New Podcast

Dan Le Batard has often been referred to as the most wholesome personality in sports, providing a fun and interesting outlook on all sorts of topics on The Dan Le Batard show. Despite being a sports broadcaster, Le Batard is famous for appealing to people even outside of the target demographic due to his comedic personality. In one word, the show is just fun, so it’s no surprise that he’s got the green light on another project. South Beach Sessions, his newest podcast, launched on January 8th and is set for a weekly schedule.

The series will launch on his new Le Batard and Friends Podcast Network. It’s set to branch outside of the sports genre, also touching on topics like entertainment and music. For someone like Dan, podcasting is the perfect avenue, allowing him to take listeners on his signature roller coaster ride of emotions without the constraints of staying within one topic. He’s been known to take a stand on tough issues, touch on sad topics, and play out comedy skits even outside of the realm of sports. It’s the ideal vehicle to give listeners that one-on-one feeling.

In addition to his new podcast, Dan will continue to work on the popular ESPN show Highly Questionable. The show airs daily and has become one of ESPN’s most watched programs, partially due to Le Batard’s occasional co-host, “Papi.” Papi is Dan’s father and he’s become a fan favorite over the years due to his prankster antics. A big part of the entertainment value comes from the fact that when Papi pranks someone, he has a blast doing it. He’ll roll on the floor laughing and his son plays perfectly off him, once even breaking his own glasses amidst the chaos.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll get Papi as a guest star on Dan Le Batard’s new podcast as well. We’re looking forward to it but what about you? Let us know in the comments below!

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