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Catherine Cortez Mastro

Catherine Cortez Mastro is an attorney and politician who was recently announced as the new senator-elect for Nevada. Before being elected, Catherine Cortez Mastro served in Washington D.C for two years as a criminal prosecutor. This Latina politician is the granddaughter of Mexican immigrants. At 52, she is now the first female Latina Senator of Nevada. Cortez launched a Spanish-Language Ad to appeal to her Latina viewers and gained support in the Latina community. She addressed her concerns with Donald Trumps proposals and his view on Mexican immigrants. Her AD titled “La Familia” focused on her Mexican heritage and upbringing resulting in her success rate.

Catherine Cortez Mastro on Latina Values.

“My grandmother was born in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and my grandfather came from Chihuahua, Mexico. They came to this country and brought their young family here for the same reason many families do: to have a good job, work hard, have every opportunity to succeed, make sure your children get a good education, and you can’t forget that,” according to Mitu.

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Catherine Cortez Mastro has worked hard throughout her career to uplift and support her community. She has paved the way for young Latina girls and boys to have their voice heard in the Senate. President Barack Obama even campaigned on her behalf encouraging people to vote. As the new elect for Senator, the Latina community is counting on her to represent them well and shed light on the issues going on in their community. In addition, the Senator will continue to fight for  immigration, unemployment, and the affordable college.

In conclusion, Catherine Cotez Mastro will spend most of her time in the Senate focused on Latina community issues. Latin é’s excellence recipient is Catherine Cortez Mastro for all the hard work she has done and her achievement. Catherine is a leader and is making history, she will be remembered as the first female Latina Senator.

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